What is the purpose of having an expansion tank?

What is the purpose of having an expansion tank?

Understanding the Significance of Expansion Tanks: A Code Requirement

In the realm of plumbing systems, the question often arises: What is the purpose of having an expansion tank? The answer lies in a vital component of plumbing infrastructure: the expansion tank or expansion valve, which has become a mandatory fixture according to plumbing codes.

Traditionally, these tanks were required to be affixed to the expansion valve. However, recent updates in plumbing regulations have expanded their placement options. While it is no longer obligatory for them to be located on the main water heater meter outside or anywhere along the cold water side, they must still be incorporated into the system.

Now, these expansion tanks or valves can find their place atop the water heater, in laundry rooms, or even beneath bathroom and kitchen sinks. The significance of this lies not only in compliance with the updated plumbing codes but also in the enhanced efficiency and safety they bring to plumbing setups. As a result, understanding the placement and function of inspection tanks has become essential for both homeowners and professionals in the plumbing industry.

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