Water Heater Importance

Water Heater Importance

The water heater's condition is of utmost importance during a home inspection, and certain concerning issues were discovered at this home by LunsPro's Ashi-Certified Inspector, Erik J. Rust on the bottom of the water heater is a significant sign of corrosion and potential leakage, indicating the unit's deteriorating condition. Furthermore, rust at the point where the expansion tank meets the plumbing is alarming, as it can lead to water leaks and compromise the overall performance of the water heater system.

Another critical aspect is the age of the water heater, which being twenty years old, suggests it may be approaching or has already surpassed its typical lifespan. Older units are more prone to failure, making it essential to consider replacing the water heater to avoid unexpected disruptions and potential water damage.

Additionally, the expansion tank's placement too close to the ceiling can restrict its proper functioning, affecting water pressure regulation and potentially causing damage to the tank or ceiling. Addressing these issues promptly is crucial for the safety and efficiency of the water heater. We recommend consulting a licensed plumber for a comprehensive evaluation, to explore replacement options to ensure a reliable and functional water heating system.

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