Water Heater Conditions

Water Heater Conditions

In this enlightening video, Ashi-Certified Inspector Rob DeRosa brings attention to a significant concern surrounding a 2018 water heater. The unit's visible rust formation on the top surface and moisture accumulation at the bottom indicate potential corrosion and leakage risks, which could impact the heater's overall efficiency and lifespan.

A crucial observation made by Rob DeRosa is the improper configuration of the TPR (Temperature-Pressure Relief) valve and its associated pipe. The valve and pipe are positioned in an upward manner, contrary to the recommended practice of having a valve at the bottom that allows water to escape effectively in case of excess pressure or temperature. This misalignment could potentially compromise the unit's safety mechanisms and lead to issues if not addressed promptly.

Furthermore, the absence of an expansion tank poses a significant safety concern. Expansion tanks are vital components that manage pressure fluctuations within a water heating system. Without one, the system might experience increased pressure, which can lead to serious hazards such as bursting pipes or damage to the water heater itself.

Rob DeRosa's insightful evaluation underscores the importance of rectifying these issues promptly to ensure the water heater's proper functioning and the safety of the occupants. Homeowners and viewers of the video are reminded of the critical role proper maintenance and adherence to safety guidelines play in maintaining a functional and secure home environment.

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