What signs suggest the necessity for an exclusion service?

What signs suggest the necessity for an exclusion service?

Welcome back to the LunsPro Home Inspections blog, where we strive to empower homeowners with knowledge about their homes. In today's post, Ashi-Certified Inspector Jamie B. will guide you through potential findings in homes with crawlspaces and attics. Discover the subtle hints that could indicate unwanted guests and learn why taking action is crucial.

Crawlspace Chronicles: Jamie takes us beneath the surface, exploring the mysterious world of crawlspaces. Here, he reveals signs of possible pest and rodent infestations. From telltale droppings to gnawed insulation, Jamie illustrates what homeowners should look out for. Unveiling the secrets hidden in the darkness beneath your home can help prevent long-term damage and health hazards.

Roof Revelations: As we ascend to the roof, Jamie points out alarming indications of squirrel and rat activity. A closer look reveals a conspicuous gap that could serve as an entry point for these unwanted critters. Discover the importance of addressing roof vulnerabilities to safeguard your home from potential rodent invaders.

Attic Anomalies: In the attic, Jamie uncovers undeniable evidence of rodent presence - shavings and droppings scattered around the entry points. The inspector identifies rat traps just a few feet inside, highlighting the urgency of the situation. Jamie emphasizes the necessity of professional exclusion services to ensure a rodent-free living space.

Actionable Insights: Jamie B. doesn't just identify issues; he provides actionable insights for homeowners. Recognizing the signs early on empowers you to take preventive measures, preserving the integrity of your home and the health of your family. From pest-proofing your crawlspace to securing vulnerable entry points, Jamie shares tips to keep your home secure.

Homeownership comes with its challenges, but with the guidance of an experienced Ashi-Certified Inspector like Jamie B., you can stay one step ahead. Be vigilant, address issues promptly, and consider professional exclusion services to enjoy a pest-free and secure home. Stay tuned for more insightful posts from LunsPro Home Inspections, your trusted partner in home maintenance and knowledge.

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