Tub Faucet

Tub Faucet

During an inspection of a flip house, Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. identified an issue with the tub faucet in the hallway bathroom. Notably, the faucet was not properly secured to the wall and exhibited looseness. Additionally, a concerning observation was the absence of a stopper for the tub.

A loose tub faucet poses the risk of water leakage and potential damage to the surrounding area. Moreover, the absence of a stopper can hinder the bathtub's functionality, impacting the ability to fill the tub for bathing. Both these findings highlight the importance of proper installation and maintenance to ensure the safety, usability, and overall integrity of bathroom fixtures.

Inspector Scott T.'s astute evaluation underscores the significance of thorough inspections in identifying potential issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring that properties are safe, functional, and ready for occupancy.

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