New Construction Truss

New Construction Truss

During a new construction inspection, a concerning issue was discovered in the attic by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B.—a split truss. Trusses are vital components of the roof system that provide structural support and distribute the load evenly.

A split truss occurs when one or more truss members are broken or damaged, compromising the truss's stability and load-bearing capacity. This structural deficiency can lead to roof sagging, uneven weight distribution, and potentially catastrophic failure if not addressed.

Identifying a split truss early in the inspection process is crucial to ensure that proper remediation takes place before the property is occupied. A qualified structural engineer should be consulted to assess the extent of the damage and recommend appropriate repair measures.

Safety is paramount, and addressing the split truss promptly is essential to prevent potential risks and ensure the integrity of the roof system. The builder should be notified immediately to rectify the issue before it escalates, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a structurally sound new construction property.

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