New Construction Dishwasher Issue

New Construction Dishwasher Issue

During the final inspection of a new home, an issue with the dishwasher was discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B. The dishwasher appeared to have no power at all, indicating a potential electrical problem. However, an interesting observation was made when checking the garbage disposal - when it was turned on, the dishwasher unexpectedly turned on as well.

This unusual behavior suggests a wiring issue or electrical connection problem between the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. It is possible that the two appliances share a power source or are wired together, causing the dishwasher to activate when the garbage disposal is turned on.

This finding is concerning and requires further investigation by a licensed electrician to ensure the electrical systems are correctly installed and operating safely. Identifying and addressing the root cause of this issue is essential to prevent electrical hazards and ensure the proper functioning of both appliances in the new home.

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