New Construction Discoveries

New Construction Discoveries

During a home inspection of a new construction property, several discoveries may arise despite the property's relatively recent build. Common issues found include incomplete or substandard installations, code violations, and overlooked defects. These discoveries could range from minor cosmetic imperfections to more significant structural concerns.

Some typical findings in new construction inspections include issues with electrical wiring, plumbing leaks, improper ventilation, insulation deficiencies, and roofing problems. Additionally, the quality of materials and workmanship might not always meet expected standards. Watch Ashi-Certified Inspector, Johnny W. walk you through recent findings at a new construction inspection completed recently.

The advantage of a new construction inspection is that it allows buyers to identify these issues early on, ensuring that the builder addresses them before closing or within the warranty period. Having a professional inspection provides peace of mind, as it ensures that the property meets safety standards and is constructed to last.

It is crucial for prospective buyers of new construction homes to prioritize a thorough inspection to identify and address any underlying problems, safeguarding their investment and ensuring a smooth transition into their dream home.

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