Improper Pitch Plumbing Line

Improper Pitch Plumbing Line

Delving into the intricacies of inspections often reveals unexpected flaws that can impact daily functionality. Ashi-Certified Inspector Joe M. sheds light on an improper pitch plumbing line, a concerning find during an inspection beneath a bar sink.

In this scenario, the plumbing line displayed a flawed slope—sloping towards the "P" trap instead of away from it. This contravention of proper installation leads to a counterintuitive situation where water, instead of flowing naturally with gravity, works against it. All water draining from the sink follows an uphill path, potentially causing slow drainage, blockages, and even leaks.

Inspector Joe M.'s discovery emphasizes the importance of meticulous plumbing installation to ensure proper functionality. LunsPro Home Inspections is dedicated to providing owners with insights that empower them to address potential issues proactively.

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