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EPIC Celebration 2023

On January 28th, 2024, Epic Property Services, the parent company overseeing subsidiaries such as LunsPro Georgia, LunsPro Carolina, Windward Pest Services, and Good Nature Pest Control, came together to celebrate a year of outstanding achievements. Despite a challenging real estate market that saw a 20% downturn, all affiliated companies under the Epic Property Services umbrella experienced significant growth. The celebration not only marked past accomplishments but also set the stage for ambitious goals in 2024.

In the face of a downturn in the real estate industry, Epic Property Services and its subsidiaries showcased resilience and adaptability. The ability to navigate challenges and pivot strategies allowed the companies to not only weather the storm but to thrive. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire team.

The heart of Epic Property Services' success lies in the collaboration and dedication of its fantastic team. Employees from LunsPro Georgia, LunsPro Carolina, Windward Pest Services, and Good Nature Pest Control worked seamlessly together, contributing their unique skills and expertise. The celebration on January 28th was a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the collective effort that propelled the companies to success. It served as a launchpad for the big goals set by Epic Property Services for the year 2024. The companies are poised for further growth and innovation, looking beyond the challenges of the previous year. The leadership team, along with every employee, is committed to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights.

Epic Property Services recognizes the importance of giving back to the community that has played a crucial role in its success. Throughout 2023, Epic Properties and its affiliated companies wholeheartedly embraced their mission to Live.Lead.Serve. They dedicated their efforts to supporting numerous meaningful charitable organizations, opting to invest time, resources, and compassion in contributing to the betterment of the community. In 2024, the companies will embark on initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on the local community. Whether through charitable contributions, volunteer programs, or other community-oriented projects, Epic Property Services is committed to being an active and benevolent force in making a positive impact.

As Epic Property Services and its subsidiaries celebrate the achievements of 2023, they look forward to a promising future. The ability to grow despite industry challenges, set ambitious goals for the coming year, and maintain a strong commitment to giving back to the community highlights the company's dedication to excellence. With a fantastic team and a resilient spirit, Epic Property Services is well-positioned for continued success in 2024 and beyond.

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