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In a recent joint effort, Scott T., an ASHI-certified inspector from LunsPro Home Inspections, and Lance L., a skilled technician from Windward Pest Services, uncovered a concerning termite infestation during a routine home inspection.\r\n\r\nThe Discovery: As the duo embarked on their inspection journey, their keen eyes quickly spotted signs of termite activity originating from the slab in the garage. Termite tunneling was evident, raising immediate red flags about the structural integrity of the property. Closer examination along the interior wall for the brick veneer revealed exit holes left by termite swarmers, indicating an ongoing infestation.\r\n\r\nActive Termite Swarmers: One of the most alarming findings occurred next to the garage door, where the inspectors identified a congregation of active termite swarmers. These winged termites, often mistaken for flying ants, are reproductive members of termite colonies, signaling a mature and thriving termite population within the premises.\r\n\r\nBehind the scenes, or rather behind the refrigerator, the team stumbled upon another unsettling scene - a cluster of active termites piled up. The discovery highlighted the adaptability and resilience of termites, as they had managed to establish a presence even in less conventional areas of the home.\r\n\r\nImplications for Homeowners: Termites pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of homes, silently causing damage that often goes unnoticed until it reaches advanced stages. The presence of active swarmers and their intricate tunneling activities is a clear indication of an established colony, demanding immediate attention and intervention.\r\n\r\nRecommendations and Solutions: In response to this alarming discovery, the homeowners were advised to take swift action to address the termite infestation. A comprehensive treatment plan, involving the application of targeted termite control measures, was recommended to eradicate the existing colony and prevent future infestations.\r\n\r\nThe collaboration between Scott T. from LunsPro Home Inspections and Lance L. from Windward Pest Services showcased the importance of thorough inspections and the expertise required to identify and address termite infestations. Homeowners are urged to remain vigilant, scheduling regular inspections to detect and mitigate potential threats before they escalate into costly and extensive damages. In the battle against termites, knowledge, and collaboration prove to be invaluable tools for ensuring the long-term health and stability of our homes.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_858796053.png","grid-alt":"A Close Encounter with Active Termite Swarmers"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 23, 2024","year":"February, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Essential Insights in New Construction Inspection","url":"\/essential-insights-in-new-construction-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_871382399.png","alt":"Essential Insights in New Construction Inspection","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":756,\"height\":495,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nEmbarking on the final phase of a new construction inspection is akin to the last brushstroke on a masterpiece. In this critical stage, meticulous attention to detail is paramount, ensuring that no aspect goes unnoticed. Join us as Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. takes us through the intricacies of a new construction inspection, emphasizing two key elements: the importance of AFCI breakers and the role of surge protection units. \r\n\r\nScott T., with his wealth of experience, enlightens us on the significance of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) breakers in safeguarding living spaces within a newly constructed home. These specialized breakers act as a crucial line of defense, detecting and mitigating the risk of electrical fires caused by arcs in the wiring system.\r\n\r\nAs we delve deeper into the inspection, Scott T. also draws attention to the necessity of surge protection units. In a world increasingly reliant on electronic devices, these units play a pivotal role in safeguarding the home's electrical system from unexpected power surges, protecting appliances and sensitive electronics from potential damage.\r\n\r\nDiscover the nuances of these essential components and why they should be standard in the final phases of new construction. Scott T.'s expert insights shed light on how these measures not only enhance the safety of the home but also contribute to the longevity and reliability of its electrical infrastructure.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_871382399.png","grid-alt":"Essential Insights in New Construction Inspection"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 22, 2024","year":"February, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"The importance of Tree Trimming near Electrical Lines","url":"\/the-importance-of-tree-trimming-near-electrical-lines","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_381370580.png","alt":"Tree Trimming near Electrical Lines","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":756,\"height\":495,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nIn the world of home inspections, the experts at LunsPro bring forth valuable insights to ensure the safety and well-being of your property. In this edition, we feature the expertise of Ashi-Certified Inspector, Ernest Matthews, shedding light on a critical aspect of home maintenance - the necessity of trimming trees away from electrical lines.\r\n\r\nNeglecting to trim trees near electrical lines can pose various safety hazards, including:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tRisk of Electrocution: Overgrown branches near power lines increase the likelihood of electrical arcing, especially during storms. This can lead to electrocution risks for anyone in proximity to the tree.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tFire Hazards: Trees in contact with electrical lines can act as conductors, potentially causing sparks or overheating that may ignite a fire. This poses a significant fire hazard to both the property and surrounding areas.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tPower Outages: Overhanging branches can come into contact with power lines, causing disruptions to electrical supply. This not only inconveniences homeowners but also poses risks to essential services that rely on a steady power source.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tDamage to Electrical Infrastructure: Trees rubbing against or growing into power lines can cause physical damage to the lines themselves, leading to the degradation of the electrical infrastructure and potentially costly repairs.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tInterference with Utility Workers: When utility workers need to perform maintenance or repairs on power lines, overgrown trees can impede their access. This complicates the task and increases the risk for workers involved.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tTree Health Compromises: Proximity to power lines can negatively impact the health of the tree. Electrical currents can interfere with the tree's natural growth and vitality, leading to weakened branches and an increased risk of falling.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tStorm Damage: During severe weather events, such as strong winds or ice storms, overgrown trees near power lines become more susceptible to damage. Falling branches or entire trees can result in additional hazards and exacerbate the risk of power outages.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo mitigate these safety hazards, regular tree trimming and maintenance near electrical lines are essential. Homeowners should enlist the services of professionals, like certified arborists or utility line clearance experts, to ensure safe and effective tree management practices. Trust in the expertise of LunsPro Home Inspections to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for the well-being of your property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_381370580.png","grid-alt":"Tree Trimming near Electrical Lines"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 22, 2024","year":"February, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"The Importance of Shower Drain Inspections","url":"\/the-importance-of-shower-drain-inspections","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_208497104.png","alt":"The Importance of Shower Drain Inspections","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":756,\"height\":495,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. sheds light on a crucial aspect often overlooked - the shower drain. In a recent inspection, he unraveled the significance of examining this seemingly mundane component, revealing potential issues that could culminate in a troublesome clogging predicament.\r\n\r\nDuring his meticulous examination, Scott T. unearthed pipe shavings within the shower drain, signaling a looming threat to the plumbing system. This discovery serves as a stark reminder of the hidden complexities within our homes that require vigilant scrutiny. Join us as we navigate through the insights, emphasizing the proactive measures homeowners can take to prevent potential drainage issues and maintain the smooth functionality of their plumbing systems.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_208497104.png","grid-alt":"The Importance of Shower Drain Inspections"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 22, 2024","year":"February, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"What signs suggest the necessity for an exclusion service?","url":"\/what-signs-suggest-the-necessity-for-an-exclusion-service","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_297809239.png","alt":"What signs suggest the necessity for an exclusion service?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":756,\"height\":495,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nWelcome back to the LunsPro Home Inspections blog, where we strive to empower homeowners with knowledge about their homes. In today's post, Ashi-Certified Inspector Jamie B. will guide you through potential findings in homes with crawlspaces and attics. Discover the subtle hints that could indicate unwanted guests and learn why taking action is crucial.\r\n\r\nCrawlspace Chronicles:\r\nJamie takes us beneath the surface, exploring the mysterious world of crawlspaces. Here, he reveals signs of possible pest and rodent infestations. From telltale droppings to gnawed insulation, Jamie illustrates what homeowners should look out for. Unveiling the secrets hidden in the darkness beneath your home can help prevent long-term damage and health hazards.\r\n\r\nRoof Revelations:\r\nAs we ascend to the roof, Jamie points out alarming indications of squirrel and rat activity. A closer look reveals a conspicuous gap that could serve as an entry point for these unwanted critters. Discover the importance of addressing roof vulnerabilities to safeguard your home from potential rodent invaders.\r\n\r\nAttic Anomalies:\r\nIn the attic, Jamie uncovers undeniable evidence of rodent presence - shavings and droppings scattered around the entry points. The inspector identifies rat traps just a few feet inside, highlighting the urgency of the situation. Jamie emphasizes the necessity of professional exclusion services to ensure a rodent-free living space.\r\n\r\nActionable Insights:\r\nJamie B. doesn't just identify issues; he provides actionable insights for homeowners. Recognizing the signs early on empowers you to take preventive measures, preserving the integrity of your home and the health of your family. From pest-proofing your crawlspace to securing vulnerable entry points, Jamie shares tips to keep your home secure.\r\n\r\nHomeownership comes with its challenges, but with the guidance of an experienced Ashi-Certified Inspector like Jamie B., you can stay one step ahead. Be vigilant, address issues promptly, and consider professional exclusion services to enjoy a pest-free and secure home. Stay tuned for more insightful posts from LunsPro Home Inspections, your trusted partner in home maintenance and knowledge.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_297809239.png","grid-alt":"What signs suggest the necessity for an exclusion service?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 22, 2024","year":"February, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Unveiling the Secrets of Home Vocabulary: Swiggle Seal","url":"\/unveiling-the-secrets-of-home-vocabulary-swiggle-seal","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_423965947.png","alt":"Swiggle Seal Window","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":693,\"height\":454,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.66}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nWelcome back, homeowners and enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the intricate world of home terminology, focusing on a word that might not be a part of your daily conversation but plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of your double-pane windows - the \"Swiggle Seal.\" Join Scott T., an Ashi-Certified Inspector, as we explore what a swiggle seal is, where to find it, and why it matters.\r\n\r\nSo, what exactly is a swiggle seal? A swiggle seal is a term used to describe the resilient material situated in the groove between the two panes of your double-pane windows. This seemingly inconspicuous component plays a vital role in preserving the energy efficiency and structural integrity of your windows.\r\n\r\nNow that we know what a swiggle seal is, let's delve into where you can find it. Take a closer look at the meeting point of the two glass panes in your double-pane windows - that's where the swiggle seal resides. It's often a thin, flexible material that fits snugly into the groove, acting as a barrier against drafts, moisture, and other external elements.\r\n\r\nWhy it Matters:\r\n\r\nThe swiggle seal might be a small part of your window, but its significance cannot be overstated. Here's why it matters:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tEnergy Efficiency: A well-maintained swiggle seal helps in creating a tight seal between the window panes, preventing air leaks. This, in turn, contributes to the overall energy efficiency of your home, reducing heating and cooling costs.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tMoisture Prevention: The swiggle seal acts as a barrier against moisture, preventing it from seeping into the space between the panes. Moisture intrusion can lead to fogging, reducing visibility and diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your windows.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tLongevity of Windows: By keeping out unwanted elements, the swiggle seal plays a crucial role in preserving the lifespan of your double-pane windows. This not only protects your investment but also ensures a comfortable and well-maintained living environment.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nNow that you understand the importance of the swiggle seal, it's time to learn how to inspect it. Grab a flashlight and examine the groove between the window panes. Look for any signs of wear, tear, or damage to the swiggle seal. If you notice gaps, cracks, or deformities, it might be time for a replacement.\r\n\r\nIn the world of home maintenance, knowledge is your greatest asset. Today, we've uncovered the mystery behind the swiggle seal, a small yet vital component of your double-pane windows. By understanding its role and knowing how to inspect it, you can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your windows. Stay tuned for more insights into the world of home vocabulary, and until then, happy inspecting!","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_423965947.png","grid-alt":"Swiggle Seal Window"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 22, 2024","year":"February, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"What is the purpose of a Weep Hole?","url":"\/what-is-the-purpose-of-a-weep-hole","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_372426882.png","alt":"Purpose of a Weep Hole","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":693,\"height\":454,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.66}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nAt LunsPro Home Inspections, we believe in not just identifying issues but also shedding light on the fundamental elements that contribute to the health of your home. Today, join Scott, one of our seasoned inspectors, as he takes you through the significance of a seemingly small yet crucial feature - the weep hole.\r\n\r\nWeep holes, often overlooked, play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of your home's construction. Here's why they are so essential:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tWater Drainage: Weep holes act as drainage points, allowing any water that finds its way into the wall or accumulates within the cavity to escape. Scott will demonstrate how these unassuming openings prevent water-related issues, safeguarding your home from potential damage caused by moisture.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tVentilation: Scott will explain how weep holes contribute to proper ventilation within the wall cavity. Adequate air circulation is key to drying out any moisture present, reducing the risk of mold growth and creating an environment that discourages the development of structural issues.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tPressure Equalization: Join Scott in understanding how weep holes help equalize pressure between the exterior and interior of the wall. This is crucial in preventing pressure differentials caused by external factors, ensuring that water doesn't get forced into your home.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAccompany Scott as he demonstrates the importance of weep holes in a real-world scenario. Learn how these small openings, when functioning correctly, contribute to the overall well-being of your home's structure.\r\n\r\nWeep holes may be modest in size, but their impact on your home's health is substantial. Follow Scott's journey at LunsPro Home Inspections to gain valuable insights into why paying attention to these seemingly minor details can make a significant difference in the long-term stability and durability of your home. Stay tuned for more enlightening explorations into the world of home inspections with LunsPro. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_372426882.png","grid-alt":"Purpose of a Weep Hole"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 20, 2024","year":"February, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"EPIC Celebration 2023","url":"\/epic-celebration-2023","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_973516162.png","alt":"Epic Team","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nOn January 28th, 2024, Epic Property Services, the parent company overseeing subsidiaries such as LunsPro Georgia, LunsPro Carolina, Windward Pest Services, and Good Nature Pest Control, came together to celebrate a year of outstanding achievements. Despite a challenging real estate market that saw a 20% downturn, all affiliated companies under the Epic Property Services umbrella experienced significant growth. The celebration not only marked past accomplishments but also set the stage for ambitious goals in 2024.\r\n\r\nIn the face of a downturn in the real estate industry, Epic Property Services and its subsidiaries showcased resilience and adaptability. The ability to navigate challenges and pivot strategies allowed the companies to not only weather the storm but to thrive. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire team.\r\n\r\nThe heart of Epic Property Services' success lies in the collaboration and dedication of its fantastic team. Employees from LunsPro Georgia, LunsPro Carolina, Windward Pest Services, and Good Nature Pest Control worked seamlessly together, contributing their unique skills and expertise. The celebration on January 28th was a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the collective effort that propelled the companies to success. It served as a launchpad for the big goals set by Epic Property Services for the year 2024. The companies are poised for further growth and innovation, looking beyond the challenges of the previous year. The leadership team, along with every employee, is committed to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights.\r\n\r\nEpic Property Services recognizes the importance of giving back to the community that has played a crucial role in its success. Throughout 2023, Epic Properties and its affiliated companies wholeheartedly embraced their mission to Live.Lead.Serve. They dedicated their efforts to supporting numerous meaningful charitable organizations, opting to invest time, resources, and compassion in contributing to the betterment of the community. In 2024, the companies will embark on initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on the local community. Whether through charitable contributions, volunteer programs, or other community-oriented projects, Epic Property Services is committed to being an active and benevolent force in making a positive impact.\r\n\r\nAs Epic Property Services and its subsidiaries celebrate the achievements of 2023, they look forward to a promising future. The ability to grow despite industry challenges, set ambitious goals for the coming year, and maintain a strong commitment to giving back to the community highlights the company's dedication to excellence. With a fantastic team and a resilient spirit, Epic Property Services is well-positioned for continued success in 2024 and beyond.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_973516162.png","grid-alt":"Epic Team"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 29, 2024","year":"January, 2024","categories":[{"title":"LunsPro Life","url":"lunspro-life"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2024"],"categories":["lunspro-life"]}},{"pagetitle":"Adhered Meson Stone Veneer","url":"\/adhered-meson-stone-veneer","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_875582964.png","alt":"Adhered Meson Stone Veneer","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":819,\"height\":536,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the world of home inspections, experience and keen observation are paramount. Ashi-Certified Inspector Rino Galente of LunsPro Home Inspections recently encountered a situation that underscores the importance of a thorough examination when it comes to exterior structures.\r\n\r\nDuring a routine inspection, Rino stumbled upon a unique challenge - an adhered meson stone veneer on the exterior of a home. What seemed like a simple aesthetic feature turned out to be a crucial aspect of the inspection, revealing potential issues that could impact the structural integrity of the property.\r\n\r\nThe first telltale sign was efflorescence, a phenomenon where white, powdery deposits appear on the surface. This was a clear indicator of moisture intrusion, suggesting that water was finding its way into places it shouldn't. Rino, with his extensive experience, understood that moisture-related problems could lead to serious consequences if left unaddressed.\r\n\r\nWhat made this discovery even more concerning was the realization that there was no escape route for the accumulated moisture. The adhered meson stone veneer provided no outlet, creating a potential breeding ground for hidden issues that could compromise the home's stability over time.\r\n\r\nRino's meticulous inspection not only identified the visible signs of trouble but also pinpointed the root cause. This commitment to going beyond the surface is a hallmark of LunsPro Home Inspections, ensuring that potential problems are not just treated symptomatically but addressed at their source.\r\n\r\nIn choosing LunsPro, you're not just getting a standard home inspection; you're gaining the expertise of inspectors like Rino Galente, who are dedicated to unveiling the unseen and safeguarding your investment. Trust the professionals who leave no stone unturned - choose LunsPro Home Inspections for a comprehensive and insightful assessment of your property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_875582964.png","grid-alt":"Adhered Meson Stone Veneer"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 25, 2024","year":"January, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Proactive Detection","url":"\/proactive-detection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_126373052.png","alt":"water leak from the 2nd floor","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":819,\"height\":536,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, precision and advanced technology can make all the difference. Meet Ashi-Certified Inspector Mike Smith from LunsPro Home Inspections, a seasoned professional committed to delivering thorough and cutting-edge assessments.\r\n\r\nDuring a recent home inspection, Mike Smith encountered a seemingly innocuous stain on the interior ceiling. What might have been dismissed as a minor cosmetic issue became a pivotal moment in the inspection process. Mike, armed with his expertise and state-of-the-art tools, went the extra mile to uncover the hidden truth.\r\n\r\nDeploying an Infrared Camera, Mike identified a substantial leak originating from the plumbing within the ceiling. This advanced technology allowed him to visualize the extent of the issue beyond what the naked eye could perceive. It's this level of diligence and commitment to utilizing the latest tools that sets LunsPro Home Inspections apart.\r\n\r\nBut Mike didn't stop there. Recognizing the need for precision, he moved to the stairs armed with a moisture reader. The reading showed a concerning 48%, signaling potential water damage that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Mike's dedication to leveraging technology for a comprehensive inspection ensures that no stone is left unturned.\r\n\r\nThis scenario underscores the importance of having a qualified professional who not only relies on experience but embraces technological advancements for a more accurate assessment. LunsPro Home Inspections, with inspectors like Mike Smith, provides clients with the assurance that potential issues are detected early, allowing for timely and informed decision-making.\r\n\r\nChoose the home inspection team that goes beyond the basics, invests in cutting-edge technology, and is committed to your peace of mind. Choose LunsPro Home Inspections, where expertise meets innovation.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_126373052.png","grid-alt":"water leak from the 2nd floor"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 25, 2024","year":"January, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Water Staining","url":"\/water-staining","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_842952471.png","alt":"water staining on a basement wall","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":819,\"height\":536,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nWhen it comes to home inspections, the expertise of a certified professional is invaluable. Ashi-Certified Inspector Rob DeRosa recently encountered a scenario that highlights the thoroughness and attention to detail that sets LunsPro Home Inspections apart.\r\n\r\nDuring a routine inspection in a basement, Rob discovered water staining on the foundation's left front corner wall and the floor decking. Recognizing the importance of addressing potential issues early, he delved into the investigation.\r\n\r\nRob observed that the ground level outside corresponded with the stained area on the wall, prompting him to suspect an external source. Taking the inspection outside, he meticulously examined the spot in the basement and made a fascinating discovery.\r\n\r\nUpon closer inspection, Rob identified that the 3rd-floor HVAC unit extended inadequately, allowing water to cascade onto the foundation wall. This continuous exposure had not only eroded the paint but also resulted in water seeping into the basement. The consequences were clear - potential costly repairs.\r\n\r\nThis revelation underscores the significance of a comprehensive home inspection. Rob's keen eye and methodical approach not only identified the visible symptoms but traced them back to the root cause. LunsPro Home Inspections, through the expertise of Ashi-Certified professionals like Rob DeRosa, ensures that potential issues are unearthed before they escalate, saving homeowners from unexpected and expensive repairs.\r\n\r\nIn choosing LunsPro Home Inspections, you're not just getting an inspection; you're getting peace of mind and a commitment to uncovering hidden issues that matter. Trust the experts who go beyond the surface - trust LunsPro.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_842952471.png","grid-alt":"water staining on a basement wall"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 25, 2024","year":"January, 2024","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2024"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"The Importance of a Condo Inspection","url":"\/the-importance-of-a-condo-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_833581374.png","alt":"The importance of a Condo Inspection","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":693,\"height\":454,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.66}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nThe Crucial Role of Condo Inspections: Unveiling Hidden Concerns with Jeff and Mike.\r\n\r\nEmbarking on the journey of purchasing a condo? Safety and system inspections are paramount in ensuring your investment is a secure and wise one. In this blog post, join Director of Services and Operations, Jeff A., and Ashi-Certified Inspector, Mike S., as they shed light on the importance of a thorough condo inspection.\r\n\r\nThe ITE Electrical Panel Challenge: In a recent video, our experts uncovered a critical concern during a condo inspection. The services panel inspection revealed an ITE Electrical Panel that has been faithfully serving the condo for 38 years. Jeff and Mike delve into the inspection process, showcasing rust and corrosion found on some of the wiring. This emphasizes the significance of assessing the safety and reliability of electrical systems, especially in older properties.\r\n\r\nIn-Depth System Analysis: Beyond the electrical panel, our inspectors meticulously examined other vital systems within the condo. From the hot water heater to the interior HVAC unit, the use of infrared technology allowed us to identify potential issues before they escalate. Watch as our team scans for hotspots, ensuring your condo is equipped with safe and efficient systems.\r\n\r\nTemperature Checks for Peace of Mind: Temperature readings are a key component of our inspections. In this case, the infrared technology revealed a reassuring 65 degrees in the electrical panel, falling within the optimal range. Additionally, a temperature reading of 130 degrees from the faucet showcased a well-functioning hot water system. These insights provide you with confidence in the functionality of your condo's essential components.\r\n\r\nA condo inspection with LunsPro goes beyond the surface, uncovering hidden concerns that could impact your safety and financial investment. Trust Jeff A. and Mike S. to guide you through the process, ensuring a thorough examination of safety, systems, and overall property health.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_833581374.png","grid-alt":"The importance of a Condo Inspection"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 28, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"How does LunsPro guarantee an outstanding EPIC service during each inspection?","url":"\/how-does-lunspro-guarantee-an-outstanding-epic-service-during-each-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_764570483.png","alt":"How does LunsPro guarantee an outstanding EPIC service during each inspection?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":693,\"height\":454,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.66}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nEnsuring EPIC Service: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at LunsPro's Inspection Process\r\n\r\nCurious about how LunsPro consistently delivers exceptional EPIC service during every inspection? Join us on a journey as Director of Services and Operations, Jeff A., along with Team Lead Ashi-Certified Inspector Joe M. and Ashi-Certified Inspector Paul S., guide you through our outstanding process. In this post, we'll provide insights into our quality checks and practices that set us apart.\r\n\r\nThe Inspection Process:\r\nIn a recently documented video, Joe M. showcases a routine quality check that ensures our inspections meet the highest standards. Simultaneously, Paul Sheehy takes you through a field quality check where he not only inspects the home but also ensures the delivery of EPIC-quality service.\r\n\r\nWeekly Standard Practices:\r\nAt LunsPro, maintaining excellence is a weekly commitment. Our standard quality practices are executed diligently, with different team leads overseeing inspectors. This ensures that our inspectors are consistently meeting the benchmarks we've set for EPIC service.\r\n\r\nPaul's Inspection Findings:\r\nDuring a recent inspection, Paul S. uncovered noteworthy details that exemplify our commitment to thorough examinations. He identified significant rust and corrosion on the furnace of a 2003 home, highlighting the importance of our meticulous approach to uncovering potential issues for our clients.\r\n\r\nAt LunsPro, our dedication to delivering EPIC service goes beyond words. Through routine quality checks, field inspections, and weekly standard practices, we aim to provide our clients with the highest level of confidence in their property investments. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes glimpses into how LunsPro is redefining the home inspection experience.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_764570483.png","grid-alt":"How does LunsPro guarantee an outstanding EPIC service during each inspection?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 28, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Unveiling Open Risers","url":"\/unveiling-open-risers","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_489445235.png","alt":"Unveiling Open Risers","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":756,\"height\":495,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nAt LunsPro Home Inspections, our commitment to thorough examinations takes us beyond the obvious and into the often-overlooked corners of your home. Join Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. as he sheds light on a crucial discovery at the backside of a home - an open riser with a significant gap between the stairs.\r\n\r\nThe Inspection Unveiling:\r\nDuring a recent inspection, Wes O. cast his experienced eye on the backside of a home and spotted an open riser with a substantial gap in between the stairs. While this architectural style may have been prevalent for an extended period, updated codes now require these gaps to be closed. Wes emphasizes the importance of this observation in preventing potential issues down the line.\r\n\r\nHomes of Yesteryear:\r\nHistorically, homes were constructed with open risers, contributing to a unique aesthetic. However, as codes evolve, so do the requirements for home safety and structural integrity. Wes explains that the transition from open risers to closed ones aligns with contemporary building standards, ensuring a safer living environment for homeowners.\r\n\r\nThe Importance of Closing Gaps:\r\nThe big gap in open risers can pose a safety risk, especially for households with children or pets. Closing these gaps not only adheres to current building codes but also prevents potential accidents and enhances the overall safety of the staircase.\r\n\r\nWes O.'s Expert Insight:\r\nWes O., with his Ashi certification and keen eye for detail, stresses the significance of staying up-to-date with building codes. His expertise goes beyond the surface, providing homeowners with valuable insights that can save them from future complications and ensure their homes meet the highest safety standards.\r\n\r\nAddressing Potential Future Problems:\r\nAs Wes O. points out, understanding the evolution of building codes is key to addressing potential future problems before they arise. By proactively closing the gaps in open risers, homeowners can take a preventive approach, maintaining not only compliance but also the long-term stability of their homes.\r\n\r\nLunsPro's Dedication to Your Safety:\r\nAt LunsPro Home Inspections, we are not just inspectors; we are guardians of your home's safety. Wes O.'s meticulous inspection of open risers exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive insights that empower homeowners to make informed decisions about the safety and well-being of their homes.\r\n\r\nIn conclusion, the backside of a home may reveal more than meets the eye. Thanks to the vigilant observations of Wes O., we can address potential issues, ensuring that your home is not only a sanctuary but also a secure haven for you and your loved ones.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_489445235.png","grid-alt":"Unveiling Open Risers"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 13, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"4th Annual Santa Ruck","url":"\/4th-annual-santa-ruck","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_130140616.png","alt":"Santa Ruck Charitable Contributions","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDeck those halls, trim those trees, raise a cup of Christmas cheer! Join us in commemorating the tremendous triumph of the 4th Annual Santa Ruck. Collectively, LunsPro and Windward provided coffee and donuts for over 200 attendees and contributed thousands of pounds of food to support those in need through North Fulton Community Charities, effectively filling two storage sheds with an abundance of canned goods! Special thanks to all attendees! Their generosity has truly made a meaningful impact this holiday season.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_130140616.png","grid-alt":"Santa Ruck Charitable Contributions"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 13, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Live.Lead.Serve.","url":"live.lead.serve"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["live.lead.serve"]}},{"pagetitle":"Let's have a game!","url":"\/lets-have-a-game","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_688149282.png","alt":"Basketball hoop in a basement","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nDuring a recent inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. stumbled upon a hidden gem in the form of a basketball hoop nestled in the basement. What caught his attention was not just the hoop itself but the vast open space that surrounds it. It's a basketball court waiting to come alive with the rhythm of dribbles, the swish of nets, and the laughter of friends. \r\n\r\nTurning the basement into a court for a friendly game of hoops is ideal for any buyer. Whether you're a seasoned baller or a complete novice, it doesn't matter. The goal is simple - to have a blast and enjoy the game. What a fun use for this vast space!","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_688149282.png","grid-alt":"Basketball hoop in a basement"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 13, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"A Thorough Check on Garage Door Safety","url":"\/a-thorough-check-on-garage-door-safety","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_909165040.png","alt":"A thorough check on Garage Door Safety","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, attention to detail is paramount, and nobody understands this better than Craig Bowers with LunsPro Home Inspections. Today, we delve into the meticulous inspection process, focusing on a critical aspect of home security and maintenance - the garage doors.\r\n\r\nGuarding Against Unwanted Guests: One of the key observations made by Craig during his inspections involves the weather stripping on garage doors. A missing or damaged weather stripping can create an entry point for animals and pests, potentially leading to unwanted surprises inside the home. Craig meticulously examines the condition of the weather stripping, ensuring that it provides a reliable barrier against the elements and intruders alike.\r\n\r\nSecuring Automatic Door Locks: While inspecting garage doors, Craig emphasizes the importance of checking the automatic door lock. A locked door adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access. However, Craig issues a cautionary note - it's crucial not to test the lock with the door in a locked position. This can lead to potential damage and compromise the effectiveness of the locking mechanism.\r\n\r\nSafety Cables for Spring-Loaded Doors: Garage door springs are under significant tension, and a sudden snap can be hazardous. To mitigate this risk, Craig ensures that safety cables are in place. These cables act as a safeguard, preventing the spring from snapping uncontrollably in case of a failure. This precautionary measure not only protects the homeowner but also extends the lifespan of the garage door system.\r\n\r\nGoing Beyond the Surface: What sets Craig and LunsPro Home Inspections apart is their commitment to going beyond the obvious. Garage doors are more than just entry points; they are crucial components of home security and functionality. By thoroughly examining the weather stripping, automatic door locks, and safety cables, Craig ensures that homeowners can trust in the reliability and safety of their garage doors.\r\n\r\nHomeowner Education: Beyond conducting inspections, Craig takes the time to educate homeowners about the significance of these features. Understanding the intricacies of garage door maintenance empowers homeowners to take proactive steps in safeguarding their property and ensuring the longevity of their garage door systems.\r\n\r\nIn the hands of Craig Bowers and LunsPro Home Inspections, a routine inspection transforms into a comprehensive assessment of garage door safety. From protecting against pests to fortifying automatic door locks and ensuring the integrity of safety cables, every detail matters. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_909165040.png","grid-alt":"A thorough check on Garage Door Safety"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 13, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Navigating Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Scooters in Crawl Space Work","url":"\/navigating-efficiency-unleashing-the-power-of-scooters-in-crawl-space-work","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_364227754.png","alt":"Navigating Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Scooters in Crawl Space Work","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the world of home maintenance, crawl spaces often play a crucial role in the overall well-being of a house. These confined areas can, at times, be challenging to navigate, requiring a combination of agility and efficiency. Imagine, though, a novel approach that not only simplifies the process but also adds an element of fun - the humble scooter as demonstrated by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Wes O.\r\n\r\nScooting through Efficiency:\r\nTraditional crawl space work involves a fair amount of crawling, squeezing, and maneuvering in tight spaces. This can be physically demanding and time-consuming. Enter the scooter, a game-changer in the pursuit of efficiency. With the ability to swiftly glide through confined areas, a scooter minimizes the physical strain on workers and speeds up the process.\r\n\r\nCompact and Agile:\r\nOne of the standout advantages of utilizing a scooter in crawl space work is its compact and agile nature. Navigating around pipes, ducts, and other obstacles becomes a breeze, allowing workers to focus on the task at hand without the hindrance of physical limitations.\r\n\r\nBoosting Productivity:\r\nTime is money, especially in the world of home maintenance and repairs. The scooter enhances productivity by reducing the time required for traversing the crawl space. This means quicker inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks, ultimately leading to a more efficient workflow.\r\n\r\nSafety First:\r\nBeyond efficiency, safety is a paramount concern. Scooters contribute to a safer working environment by minimizing the risk of strains and injuries associated with constant crawling. The ergonomic design of scooters ensures a comfortable and supportive posture, even in the tightest of spaces.\r\n\r\nJeopardizing the Norm:\r\nJust as a contestant on Jeopardy strategically navigates questions to maximize their score, homeowners and professionals can strategically navigate crawl spaces with scooters to maximize efficiency. The symbiosis of quick mobility and minimal physical strain sets the stage for a new standard in crawl space operations.\r\n\r\nAs we continue to seek innovative solutions in every facet of our lives, the use of scooters in crawl space efficiency proves to be a concept that not only works but works well. Embracing this unconventional approach not only enhances productivity but also injects an element of fun into an otherwise demanding task. So, the next time you find yourself faced with crawl space challenges, consider swapping your traditional approach for the swift and nimble ride of a scooter. Your back, and your schedule, will thank you.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_364227754.png","grid-alt":"Navigating Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Scooters in Crawl Space Work"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 13, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"3rd Annual Toys for Tots Event Highlights","url":"\/3rd-annual-toys-for-tots-event-highlights","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_334570653.png","alt":"toys for tots annual event","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":630,\"height\":413,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.66}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nThe holiday season is a time for giving, and at LunsPro, we were overjoyed to witness the incredible generosity and community spirit at our Annual Toys for Tots Event. \r\n\r\nA Heartwarming Turnout: The turnout was nothing short of amazing, and it truly warmed our hearts to see members of our community coming together to make a positive impact. The spirit of giving was alive and well, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, donated, and supported this cause.\r\n\r\nThe Power of Community: At LunsPro, we firmly believe in the power of community. It's not just a belief; it's a guiding principle that was vividly displayed at our event. The shared commitment to making a difference is what defines our community, and it's this spirit that makes our events so special. Embodying our guiding principles of Live, Lead, and Serve, we advocate for a life well-lived. Find fulfillment in pursuing your passions and cherishing what you do. Lead with inspiration, becoming a virtuous role model to influence others positively. Serve with a greater purpose, creating an impact that leaves a lasting legacy. \r\n\r\nDedicated Team, Tireless Efforts: Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure that every donated toy was carefully sorted, bagged, and prepared to bring joy to children in need. Their commitment and hard work are a testament to the values we hold dear at LunsPro. \r\n\r\nSpreading Holiday Cheer: The joy that comes from giving is immeasurable, and as we packed each toy, we knew that it would be a source of happiness for a child during the holiday season. Each toy is a symbol of hope, love, and the magic of this festive time.\r\n\r\nGratitude and Community Involvement: To everyone who played a part, whether big or small, thank you. Your involvement goes beyond the physical donation; it's a commitment to building a stronger, more connected community. Together, we can make a lasting impact. \r\n\r\nLooking Ahead: As we reflect on the success of this event, we're filled with gratitude and excitement for the future. This is just one of many initiatives at LunsPro aimed at creating positive change. Stay tuned for more opportunities to come together and make a difference.\r\n\r\nIn the spirit of the season, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your support. Our Annual Toys for Tots Event was a resounding success because of you. Let's continue to live, lead, and serve our community, spreading joy and making a difference one act of kindness at a time. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_334570653.png","grid-alt":"toys for tots annual event"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 11, 2023","year":"December, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Live.Lead.Serve.","url":"live.lead.serve"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2023"],"categories":["live.lead.serve"]}},{"pagetitle":"What is the purpose of having an expansion tank?","url":"\/what-is-the-purpose-of-having-an-expansion-tank","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_308958818.png","alt":"What is the purpose of having an expansion tank?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":756,\"height\":495,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nUnderstanding the Significance of Expansion Tanks: A Code Requirement\r\n\r\nIn the realm of plumbing systems, the question often arises: What is the purpose of having an expansion tank? The answer lies in a vital component of plumbing infrastructure: the expansion tank or expansion valve, which has become a mandatory fixture according to plumbing codes.\r\n\r\nTraditionally, these tanks were required to be affixed to the expansion valve. However, recent updates in plumbing regulations have expanded their placement options. While it is no longer obligatory for them to be located on the main water heater meter outside or anywhere along the cold water side, they must still be incorporated into the system.\r\n\r\nNow, these expansion tanks or valves can find their place atop the water heater, in laundry rooms, or even beneath bathroom and kitchen sinks. The significance of this lies not only in compliance with the updated plumbing codes but also in the enhanced efficiency and safety they bring to plumbing setups. As a result, understanding the placement and function of inspection tanks has become essential for both homeowners and professionals in the plumbing industry.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_308958818.png","grid-alt":"What is the purpose of having an expansion tank?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 30, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Detecting Electrical Panel Hazards","url":"\/detecting-electrical-panel-hazards","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_664841712.png","alt":"Detecting Electrical Panel Hazards","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nAt a recent inspection conducted by Rob DeRosa from LunsPro Home Inspections, a critical electrical issue emerged, underscoring the importance of thorough home assessments.\r\n\r\nDuring the inspection, Rob focused his attention on the electrical panel and uncovered disconcerting findings. He observed discoloration, melted plastic components, and damaged breakers. The situation was alarming, with the infrared thermometer indicating temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Fahrenheit.\r\n\r\nRob's expertise informed him that arc fault and ground fault circuit interrupter (AFCI\/GFCI) breakers could naturally run slightly warmer, up to 130 degrees or below. However, the elevated temperature detected by the infrared gun was well beyond safe limits.\r\n\r\nRecognizing the potential fire hazard this presented, Rob took immediate action. He alerted the real estate agents involved and made the prudent decision to shut off power to the entire house. This swift and responsible action helped avert any potential fire damage and ensured the safety of the property and its occupants.\r\n\r\nThis incident serves as a powerful reminder of the crucial role that professional home inspectors like Rob DeRosa play in safeguarding homes and the people who reside in them. When it comes to your home inspection, trust the experts at LunsPro Home Inspections to keep you safe and informed.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_664841712.png","grid-alt":"Detecting Electrical Panel Hazards"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 19, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Unearthing Hidden Problems","url":"\/unearthing-hidden-problems","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_278843601.png","alt":"Unearthing Hidden Problems","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, some issues lurk beneath the surface, escaping the naked eye's detection. One such hidden menace is a broken sewer pipe—a problem that can wreak havoc if left undetected. At LunsPro Home Inspections, we understand the critical role a sewer scope plays in ensuring the overall health of a property. Let's delve into why a sewer scope is imperative for every homeowner and prospective buyer.\r\n\r\nSewer pipes are an integral part of any home's infrastructure, responsible for carrying away wastewater. When these pipes become damaged, whether due to age, tree roots, or shifting soil, they can lead to a host of problems such as sewage backups, unpleasant odors, and even structural damage to the property.\r\n\r\nWhy a Sewer Scope Is Essential\r\n\r\n\r\n\tEarly Detection of Issues: A sewer scope inspection involves inserting a small camera into the sewer line, allowing inspectors to identify cracks, blockages, or other forms of damage. Detecting problems early prevents them from escalating into major disasters.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tAccurate Assessment: A sewer scope provides a clear visual of the pipe's condition, enabling precise evaluation. This accuracy ensures that necessary repairs or replacements can be planned effectively.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tInformed Decision Making: For prospective homebuyers, knowing the state of a property's sewer system is crucial. It can influence purchasing decisions and negotiations, allowing buyers to make informed choices about the investment they are about to make.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tPrevent Future Expenses: Identifying a broken sewer pipe before it causes significant damage can save homeowners from costly repairs down the line. Addressing the issue promptly can prevent damage to the foundation and surrounding areas, saving both money and hassle.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAt LunsPro Home Inspections, we recognize the importance of a thorough evaluation. Our experienced inspectors utilize advanced technology, including sewer scopes, to uncover hidden problems and provide clients with a complete picture of a property's condition. We believe that every homeowner deserves peace of mind, knowing that their investment is sound and secure.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_278843601.png","grid-alt":"Unearthing Hidden Problems"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 09, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Unveiling the Unseen","url":"\/unveiling-the-unseen","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_956284749.png","alt":"Unveiling the unseen","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nUnveiling the Unseen: A Tale of Discovery with Inspector Wes O.\r\n\r\nIn the world of home inspections, appearances can often be deceiving. Every so often, a seemingly flawless property can reveal unexpected surprises upon closer inspection. Such was the case for our ASHI-Certified Inspector, Wes O., during a recent inspection that serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of a meticulous evaluation.\r\n\r\nAt first glance, the home appeared to be in impeccable condition, promising a smooth inspection process. The interior was well-maintained, and the atmosphere was inviting. But seasoned inspectors like Wes know that real scrutiny lies in the details.\r\n\r\nAs Wes delved deeper into his inspection, he made his way to the basement—a space often overlooked but crucial for assessing a property's overall integrity. There, amidst an otherwise seemingly flawless environment, he made a significant discovery—a cracked window.\r\n\r\nWhile a cracked window might seem like a minor issue, its implications can be far-reaching. A cracked window compromises not only the structural integrity but also the property's security and energy efficiency. Moreover, it can lead to water infiltration and damage, posing potential risks to the home's foundation and occupants.\r\n\r\nWes's discovery emphasizes the vital role of a comprehensive home inspection. Even the smallest detail, like a cracked window, can serve as an indicator of underlying problems. A thorough inspection ensures that these issues are identified early, allowing homeowners to address them proactively, preventing more extensive and costly repairs down the line.\r\n\r\nAt LunsPro Home Inspections, we understand the significance of your investment. Our dedicated team of inspectors, led by professionals like Wes O., is committed to providing meticulous evaluations that go beyond the surface. We uncover the unseen, empowering you to make informed decisions about your home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_956284749.png","grid-alt":"Unveiling the unseen"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 09, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Missing Furnace Filter Findings","url":"\/missing-furnace-filter-findings","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_557890648.png","alt":"Missing Furnace Filter Findings","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nUncovering Surprising Discoveries: A Home Inspection Tale\r\n\r\nIn the world of home inspections, every day brings a new challenge and unexpected discoveries. At LunsPro Home Inspections, our ASHI-certified inspector, Craig B., recently embarked on an inspection that took an intriguing turn. Let's dive into the curious case of the missing furnace filter and the mysterious Gatorade bottle.\r\n\r\nDuring a routine inspection of a home's HVAC system, Craig diligently examined the furnace interior unit. His trained eye quickly caught an issue - the condensation drip line was obstructing access to the filter compartment. As he prepared to address this, he noticed something amiss - the furnace was missing its filter.\r\n\r\nWith the potential buyer's comfort and safety in mind, Craig set out to rectify the situation. However, what seemed like a routine task took an unexpected turn when he opened the return plenum. To his surprise, instead of finding the missing filter, he discovered a Gatorade bottle lodged inside. The presence of a Gatorade bottle inside the return plenum left everyone involved baffled. How did it end up there? What was its purpose? These questions remained unanswered, adding an element of mystery to the inspection.\r\n\r\nThis peculiar incident highlights the significance of thorough home inspections. Even seemingly minor oversights can lead to unexpected and potentially problematic situations. Thanks to Craig's expertise and attention to detail, the issue was identified and promptly addressed, ensuring the HVAC system's proper functioning for the future homeowners.\r\n\r\nAt LunsPro Home Inspections, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach and commitment to uncovering even the most obscure issues. Our experienced inspectors, like Craig B., go above and beyond to provide comprehensive assessments, giving our clients peace of mind when making one of life's most significant investments.\r\n\r\nStay tuned for more fascinating inspection stories and valuable insights into the world of home inspections. Remember, when it comes to your home, thoroughness matters. Trust the experts at LunsPro Home Inspections for a reliable and meticulous evaluation of your property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_557890648.png","grid-alt":"Missing Furnace Filter Findings"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 09, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"What qualifies as a potential hazard?","url":"\/what-qualifies-as-a-potential-hazard","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_344150391.png","alt":"What qualifies as a potential hazard?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nWhat qualifies as a potential hazard? Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. identifies a significant danger during an inspection - a large tree leaning towards the house. While home inspectors are not arborists, LunsPro Home Inspections categorizes this as a potential hazard. Leaning trees might seem innocuous, but they pose significant threats to your home and safety. By staying vigilant, understanding the warning signs, and seeking professional advice, homeowners can effectively address this issue and protect their property from potential disasters. Remember, safety always comes first when dealing with trees on your property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_344150391.png","grid-alt":"What qualifies as a potential hazard?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 04, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Service Entrance Wires","url":"\/service-entrance-wires","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_548756538.png","alt":"Service Entrance Wires","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nDuring an inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. of LunsPro Home Inspections noticed dangerous service entrance wires above ground, unlike in new homes where they are buried. These wires were running directly into thick trees, posing a risk of power outage in case of rain, storms, or strong winds that could potentially knock them down.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_548756538.png","grid-alt":"Service Entrance Wires"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 03, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"What is Efflorescence?","url":"\/what-is-efflorescence","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_794639272.png","alt":"What is Efflorescence?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Vaughn H. discusses efflorescence as staining occurring on basement walls due to water contact, signifying water accumulation against the wall. Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that can form when water is present in or on brick, concrete, stone, stucco or other building surfaces. It has a white or light grey tint and consists of salt deposits that remain on the surface after water evaporates. In addition, efflorescence can appear as a powdery substance on floors and walls and requires special care to treat.\r\n\r\nWater, rain and snow are the primary sources of moisture and may impact the degree of efflorescence. Condensation, groundwater wicking and interior activities also may affect the degree of moisture generation. This condition can lead to multiple problems and concerns for homeowners.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_794639272.png","grid-alt":"What is Efflorescence?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 03, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Backup Generators","url":"\/backup-generators","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_169468347.png","alt":"a white rectangular object with a sign next to it","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Britt B. reveals the discovery of a backup generator during a mountain home inspection. There is a possibility of adding this service to LunsPro Home Inspections, and viewer feedback is being actively sought. Feel free to share your thoughts by sending an email to info@lunspro.com.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_169468347.png","grid-alt":"a white rectangular object with a sign next to it"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 03, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Attic Lift","url":"\/attic-lift","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_749478044.png","alt":"Attic Lift","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nIn a senior living community, Ashi-Certified Inspector Joe M. made an intriguing discovery: an attic lift designed to aid in storage. This device provides direct access to the attic, making storage more accessible and convenient for the residents. Having support with an attic lift is a fantastic and highly convenient concept. This solution could contribute to preserving the residents' health as they wouldn't have to lift heavy storage boxes.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_749478044.png","grid-alt":"Attic Lift"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 03, 2023","year":"October, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Cracked Truss","url":"\/cracked-truss","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_888225181.png","alt":"Cracked Truss","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nWhen you're buying a new construction home, you might assume that everything is in perfect condition, free of any defects or issues. However, this isn't always the case. Even in brand-new homes, hidden problems can lurk beneath the surface. That's why it's crucial to enlist the services of a qualified professional, such as an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)-certified inspector, to thoroughly assess the property. In this blog post, we'll take you through a real-life scenario where an ASHI-certified inspector uncovered a cracked truss in the attic of a new construction home.\r\n\r\nThe Background\r\n\r\nBuying a new construction home is an exciting prospect for many, as it often comes with the promise of modern amenities, pristine aesthetics, and a hassle-free move-in experience. The buyers of this particular home had done their due diligence by hiring an ASHI-certified inspector to ensure that their investment was indeed in perfect condition.\r\n\r\nThe Inspection Process\r\n\r\nASHI-certified inspector, Wes O., arrived at the property equipped with the knowledge and experience to scrutinize every aspect of the new home. While some might think that a newly built house wouldn't have any issues, Wes knew better. His meticulous inspection included a comprehensive evaluation of the structure, systems, and safety features.\r\n\r\nThe Discovery\r\n\r\nAs the inspector climbed into the attic, he immediately noticed something amiss. A truss, a crucial component of the home's roof structure, had a noticeable crack. Trusses are essential for distributing the weight of the roof evenly, ensuring the stability and safety of the entire structure. The crack they discovered was a clear indication that this vital component had been compromised.\r\n\r\nThe Implications\r\n\r\nA cracked truss might not be immediately apparent to an untrained eye, and it's a problem that could lead to severe structural issues over time. If left unaddressed, it could potentially result in sagging or even the collapse of the roof. Furthermore, this kind of issue could have remained hidden for years, leading to costly repairs down the line.\r\n\r\nThe Importance of ASHI Certification\r\n\r\nThis scenario underscores the significance of hiring an ASHI-certified inspector when purchasing any home, even new construction. ASHI-certified inspectors adhere to rigorous standards and are well-trained to identify problems that others might overlook. They ensure that potential homebuyers are fully informed about the condition of their investment, helping them make informed decisions.\r\n\r\nThe Resolution\r\n\r\nIn this case, the buyers were relieved that their ASHI-certified inspector had identified the cracked truss before closing the deal on the new home. Armed with this critical information, they were able to work with the builder to rectify the issue promptly, saving them from future headaches and potential financial burdens.\r\n\r\nConclusion\r\n\r\nThe story of the cracked truss in a new construction home's attic serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of professional home inspections, even in seemingly perfect properties. An ASHI-certified inspector's expertise can uncover hidden problems that might otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring that homebuyers are making informed decisions and protecting their investments.\r\n\r\nWhen you're in the market for a new home, remember that it's not just about appearances. Bringing in a qualified inspector can provide peace of mind and potentially save you from costly repairs in the long run. Don't underestimate the value of a thorough inspection - it's an investment in your future home's safety and integrity.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_888225181.png","grid-alt":"Cracked Truss"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 26, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Improper Firewood Storage","url":"\/improper-firewood-storage","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_436300496.png","alt":"Improper Firewood Storage","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nWelcome back to our home inspection vlog! In this video, we join Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B., as he sheds light on an all-too-common issue - improper firewood storage. While firewood is a winter essential, where and how you store it can significantly impact your home's safety and structural integrity. Join us as we explore a concerning case of firewood storage inside a residence, with insights into potential pest problems and the importance of partnering with experts like Windward Pest Control Services.\r\n\r\nThe Setting\r\n\r\nIn our recent inspection, Britt B. encountered a unique situation where firewood was stored inside the home. The homeowner had set up a small room with wood walls and a plywood floor to keep their firewood. On the surface, this might seem like a convenient solution, especially during the cold months. However, there are crucial concerns to address.\r\n\r\nTermite Trouble\r\n\r\nOne of the most significant concerns when storing firewood indoors is its potential to attract termites. Termites are notorious for feasting on wood, and having a readily available source of wood inside your home can be a major invitation for these destructive pests. In this case, the plywood floor and wooden walls provide an ideal environment for termites to thrive.\r\n\r\nThe Dangers\r\n\r\n\r\n\tStructural Damage: Termites can cause severe structural damage to your home. They eat through wood, weakening the overall integrity of your property. Over time, this can result in costly repairs and safety hazards.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tProliferation: Once termites infest a home, they multiply rapidly. The damage can spread to other wooden structures, exacerbating the problem.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tCostly Remediation: Termite infestations often require expensive professional pest control treatments, and the damage they cause can necessitate extensive repairs.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe Solution\r\n\r\nTo avoid termite troubles and other potential hazards, it's crucial to store firewood properly. Here are some guidelines to follow:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tOutdoor Storage: Firewood should be stored outdoors, away from your home's foundation. Ensure it is elevated off the ground on racks or pallets to prevent moisture and pests from affecting it.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tCovered and Ventilated: Use a well-ventilated firewood shed or stack the wood under a covered area to protect it from rain and snow.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tDistance from the Home: Keep firewood at least 20 feet away from your home to reduce the risk of pests migrating from the woodpile to your house.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tRegular Inspection: Routinely inspect your firewood for signs of pests like termites and take action promptly if you suspect an issue.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPartnering with Windward Pest Control Services\r\n\r\nTo address the termite concern in this case, the homeowner wisely partnered with Windward Pest Control Services. Professional pest control companies, like Windward, have the expertise and tools necessary to identify and eliminate termite infestations safely and effectively. Regular pest inspections can also help prevent infestations before they become serious problems.\r\n\r\nIn conclusion, in this video, we've seen the potential dangers of improper firewood storage, particularly when it's kept indoors. The risk of termite infestations and structural damage is too great to ignore. By following proper firewood storage guidelines and collaborating with experts like Windward Pest Control Services, homeowners can enjoy the warmth of a fire without compromising their home's safety and integrity.\r\n\r\nStay tuned for more insightful home inspection videos and tips from our Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B. Remember, a little care in firewood storage can go a long way in protecting your home and ensuring a cozy winter.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_436300496.png","grid-alt":"Improper Firewood Storage"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 20, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Uncovering Structural Issues","url":"\/uncovering-structural-issues","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_577586771.png","alt":"Uncovering Structural Issues","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nPurchasing a new construction townhome often brings a sense of excitement and the expectation of a worry-free living experience. However, a recent video featuring Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. highlights the importance of thorough inspections, even in new builds. During an attic inspection, the video revealed a startling discovery—several broken and bent trusses. In this article, we'll delve into the significance of this find and why diligent inspections are crucial, regardless of a property's age.\r\n\r\nThe Role of Trusses:\r\n\r\nTrusses are a fundamental component of a building's structural integrity, providing support for the roof and, by extension, the entire structure. They are designed to distribute the weight of the roof evenly and maintain the building's stability. When trusses are compromised, it can lead to a range of issues, including sagging roofs, uneven floors, and even safety hazards.\r\n\r\nThe Importance of Thorough Inspections:\r\n\r\nThe video featuring Wes O. serves as a reminder that even in new construction, issues can arise. Here's why thorough inspections are non-negotiable:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tHidden Problems: Structural issues like broken or bent trusses may not be immediately visible to the untrained eye. A comprehensive inspection by a certified professional can uncover these hidden problems, ensuring they are addressed promptly.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tSafety Concerns: Bent or broken trusses compromise the structural integrity of the building, potentially posing safety risks to occupants. Identifying and rectifying these issues is paramount for ensuring a safe living environment.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tFinancial Implications: Delayed detection and correction of structural problems can lead to costly repairs down the line. Identifying issues early can save homeowners significant expenses.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAddressing Truss Problems:\r\n\r\nIf your inspection reveals issues with trusses, it's essential to take the following steps:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tConsult a Structural Engineer: Engage a qualified structural engineer to assess the extent of the damage and recommend appropriate solutions.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tWork with the Builder: If you've just purchased a new construction townhome, contact the builder to discuss the findings and determine the responsibilities for repairs or replacements.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tDocument Everything: Keep detailed records of your inspection findings, communications with the builder, and any repair work performed. This documentation may be crucial for insurance claims or legal purposes.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe discovery of broken and bent trusses in a new construction townhome, as highlighted in the video with Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O., underscores the importance of thorough inspections. Regardless of whether you're buying a new or older property, investing in a professional inspection can uncover hidden problems, ensure your safety, and prevent costly repairs in the future. When it comes to your home, it's always better to be proactive and informed.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_577586771.png","grid-alt":"Uncovering Structural Issues"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 19, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Missing Clean Out","url":"\/missing-clean-out","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_224639876.png","alt":"Missing Clean Out","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nIn a recent video conducted by LunsPro Home Inspections, viewers are given valuable insights into the significance of clean outs in maintaining a smoothly functioning drainage system. Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. takes us through a final inspection of a new home, during which a crucial discovery is made - a missing interior clean out.\r\n\r\nThe inspection zeroes in on two vital components: the main drain line sewer pipe and the interior basement pipeline. While the exterior clean out is visibly present and accessible, it becomes evident that there is no corresponding clean out on the interior side.\r\n\r\nWhy is this absence of an interior clean out such a noteworthy find? Well, it can serve as a potential red flag, signaling underlying issues within the home's drainage and sewage system. Let's delve into why clean outs matter and what this discovery might imply.\r\n\r\nThe Role of Clean Outs\r\n\r\nClean outs are access points or openings within your plumbing system, strategically placed to facilitate inspections, maintenance, and clearing blockages. They provide an entry point for plumbers to snake out clogs, inspect the pipes, and carry out any necessary repairs. In essence, clean outs are the unsung heroes of your drainage system, ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently.\r\n\r\nWhat the Missing Clean Out Suggests\r\n\r\nThe absence of an interior clean out suggests a couple of potential scenarios:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tFrequent Drainage Issues: One possibility is that the drainage system frequently experiences clogs. In such cases, the clean out may have been removed as a quick solution to address recurring blockages. While this might provide temporary relief, it's not a sustainable fix and can lead to more significant problems down the line.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tLimited Accessibility: Another scenario is that the interior clean out is challenging to access or locate. This can make it difficult to carry out routine inspections and maintenance, increasing the risk of unnoticed issues developing over time.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe Importance of Addressing the Issue\r\n\r\nDiscovering a missing interior clean out underscores the importance of proper drainage system maintenance. Neglecting this issue can result in costly repairs and inconveniences in the future. To address the situation effectively:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tConsult a Professional: Reach out to a qualified plumber or inspector who can assess the situation and recommend appropriate solutions.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tConsider Installation: Depending on the state of your drainage system, it may be advisable to install a new interior clean out for better accessibility and ease of maintenance.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIn conclusion, the missing interior clean out in the LunsPro Home Inspections video serves as a valuable reminder of the importance of proactive maintenance in your home's drainage system. Don't wait for problems to escalate; take action now to ensure your plumbing works efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_224639876.png","grid-alt":"Missing Clean Out"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 19, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Electrical Panel Checklist","url":"\/electrical-panel-checklist","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_365427264.png","alt":"Electrical Panel Checklist","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nThe electrical panel checklist with ASHI-Certified Inspector Rob DeRosa involves a thorough inspection of the electrical panel box. The checklist includes:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tEnsuring the panel is properly sealed.\r\n\tRemoving the panel cover to examine the overview.\r\n\tConfirming that the wires entering the panel have the correct bushing retainer and plastic pieces.\r\n\tVerifying that the wires are adequately protected and of the correct size.\r\n\tChecking the breakers for any instances of double tapping.\r\n\tTesting the functionality of the breakers.\r\n\tUsing an infrared camera to inspect the panel for hotspots or defective breakers.\r\n\r\n\r\nThis comprehensive checklist helps ensure the safety and functionality of the electrical panel.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_365427264.png","grid-alt":"Electrical Panel Checklist"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 15, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Missing HVAC Vent","url":"\/missing-hvac-vent","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_123945411.png","alt":"Missing HVAC Vent","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a pre-sale inspection conducted by ASHI-certified inspector Britt B. on a 2005-built property, a specific concern was noted in the master suite related to the HVAC system. While inspecting the room, it was observed that the return vent was present, but the supply vent, which typically should be found in multiple locations within the room, was missing. Additionally, an infrared view of the room revealed a cold spot situated between two windows, which appeared to be concealed by drywall. This discovery suggests a potential HVAC airflow issue in the master suite that should be further investigated and addressed as part of the inspection process.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_123945411.png","grid-alt":"Missing HVAC Vent"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 05, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Pressure Regulator","url":"\/pressure-regulator","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_166085047.png","alt":"Pressure Regulator","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":504,\"height\":330,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nDuring a townhouse inspection led by ASHI-certified inspector Wes O., a significant concern was discovered related to the condition of the water pipes within the home. Specifically, attention was drawn to the pressure regulator and the main shutoff valve. It was observed that there was a leak at the pressure regulator. This leak is a crucial issue as it necessitates the replacement of the regulator. Failure to address this problem can result in inadequate water pressure throughout the home, potentially impacting warranties, leading to further leaks, and compromising the integrity of the pipes.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_166085047.png","grid-alt":"Pressure Regulator"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 05, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"How to adjust the Water Heater Temperature","url":"\/how-to-adjust-the-water-heater-temperature","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_147609120.png","alt":"How to adjust the Water Heater Temperature","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nTo adjust the temperature on an electric water heater, follow these steps:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tSafety First: Always ensure your safety by turning off the power supply to the water heater at the circuit breaker or fuse box. This step is crucial to avoid electrical shocks.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tAccess the Thermostat: Locate the access panel on the water heater. In many models, this panel is located near the bottom of the tank. You may need to remove any covers or insulation to access the thermostat.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tIdentify the Temperature Knob: Inside the access panel, you will find the temperature control knob. It is usually a dial or knob that can be turned to adjust the water temperature.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tAdjust the Temperature: Turn the temperature control knob to your desired temperature setting. Typically, water heaters have a range of 120\u00b0F (49\u00b0C) to 160\u00b0F (71\u00b0C). Keep in mind that higher temperatures can increase the risk of scalding and energy consumption.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tTest the Water: After making the adjustment, wait for a few hours to allow the water temperature to stabilize. Then, turn on a hot water tap and check if the water temperature matches your desired setting. Adjust the knob further if necessary.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tReplace the Insulation and Cover: Once you're satisfied with the temperature setting, replace any insulation or covers you removed earlier.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tTurn on the Power: Finally, switch the power supply back on at the circuit breaker or fuse box. This will allow the water heater to start heating the water to the newly set temperature.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nRemember that it's essential to exercise caution when working with electrical appliances and to follow manufacturer-specific instructions provided in the owner's manual for your particular water heater model. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_147609120.png","grid-alt":"How to adjust the Water Heater Temperature"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 05, 2023","year":"September, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Drainage Pipes","url":"\/drainage-pipes","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_251780408.png","alt":"Drainage Pipes","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn this insightful video, Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. sheds light on the critical topic of drainage pipes, specifically focusing on the comparison between PVC and Cast Iron Pipes. The video centers around a comprehensive home inspection carried out in the crawlspace area, offering viewers valuable insights into the characteristics and distinctions of these two prominent pipe materials.\r\n\r\nWes O. meticulously explains the attributes of PVC pipes, highlighting their lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation. He contrasts this with the advantages of Cast Iron Pipes, emphasizing their durability, sound insulation, and longevity. Throughout the video, he visually examines the pipes present in the basement, pointing out key features and potential issues that homeowners should be aware of.\r\n\r\nBy elaborating on the benefits and considerations of both PVC and Cast Iron Pipes, Wes O. equips viewers with a well-rounded understanding of drainage system options. This knowledge empowers homeowners to make informed decisions when it comes to maintaining, repairing, or upgrading their plumbing infrastructure. The video not only provides valuable educational content but also underscores the importance of thorough inspections to ensure the functionality and longevity of a home's plumbing systems.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_251780408.png","grid-alt":"Drainage Pipes"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"August 08, 2023","year":"August, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["August, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Water Heater Conditions","url":"\/water-heater-conditions","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_165964807.png","alt":"Water Heater Conditions","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nIn this enlightening video, Ashi-Certified Inspector Rob DeRosa brings attention to a significant concern surrounding a 2018 water heater. The unit's visible rust formation on the top surface and moisture accumulation at the bottom indicate potential corrosion and leakage risks, which could impact the heater's overall efficiency and lifespan.\r\n\r\nA crucial observation made by Rob DeRosa is the improper configuration of the TPR (Temperature-Pressure Relief) valve and its associated pipe. The valve and pipe are positioned in an upward manner, contrary to the recommended practice of having a valve at the bottom that allows water to escape effectively in case of excess pressure or temperature. This misalignment could potentially compromise the unit's safety mechanisms and lead to issues if not addressed promptly.\r\n\r\nFurthermore, the absence of an expansion tank poses a significant safety concern. Expansion tanks are vital components that manage pressure fluctuations within a water heating system. Without one, the system might experience increased pressure, which can lead to serious hazards such as bursting pipes or damage to the water heater itself.\r\n\r\nRob DeRosa's insightful evaluation underscores the importance of rectifying these issues promptly to ensure the water heater's proper functioning and the safety of the occupants. Homeowners and viewers of the video are reminded of the critical role proper maintenance and adherence to safety guidelines play in maintaining a functional and secure home environment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_165964807.png","grid-alt":"Water Heater Conditions"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"August 08, 2023","year":"August, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["August, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Termite Damage","url":"\/termite-damage","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_512763680.png","alt":"Termite Damage","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Britt B. uncovered concerning issues during the inspection, revealing water damage in the garage accompanied by clear indications of termite presence. Additionally, the adjacent room displayed water damage in the lower wall section, coinciding with potential termite activity. The close proximity of water damage and termite signs has raised concerns about a possible interconnected issue.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMoisture accumulation from the water damage could be attracting termites, as they are drawn to damp environments. This intertwining dilemma emphasizes the urgency of addressing both problems promptly to prevent further escalation. This points to a worrisome connection between moisture issues and termite infestation. Immediate attention is vital to address these problems and prevent further deterioration.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_512763680.png","grid-alt":"Termite Damage"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"August 08, 2023","year":"August, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["August, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Why is a Sewer Scope imperative?","url":"\/why-is-a-sewer-scope-imperative","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_365255623.png","alt":"Why is a Sewer Scope imperative? Learn with LunsPro","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nA sewer scope is imperative for assessing the condition of sewer lines, as discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B., particularly when new construction is involved. In this case, the distance of 77 feet from the house raises concerns about the integrity of the sewer line. The separation of the new line from the remaining clay line left from the previous house demolition is a critical issue.\r\n\r\nA sewer scope inspection can reveal potential problems such as misalignment, cracks, root intrusion, or other defects that might affect the new sewer line's functionality and longevity. Identifying issues early can prevent costly repairs and minimize disruptions later on.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nGiven the distance and separation, it's crucial to ensure that the new sewer line is properly connected and functioning without compromising the existing infrastructure. A comprehensive sewer scope provides valuable insights to make informed decisions, safeguarding the integrity of the sewage system and the property as a whole.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_365255623.png","grid-alt":"Why is a Sewer Scope imperative? Learn with LunsPro"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"July 13, 2023","year":"July, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["July, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Electrical System Grounding","url":"\/electrical-system-grounding","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_477363654.png","alt":"Electrical System Grounding","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nElectrical system grounding, as explained by Ashi-Certified Inspector Greg B., is a critical safety feature that ensures the safe operation of electrical systems in homes and buildings. Grounding involves connecting electrical circuits and equipment to the earth through a grounding conductor.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe primary purposes of electrical system grounding are:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\tSafety: Grounding helps prevent electrical shocks and electrocution by providing a safe path for electrical faults or excess current to flow into the earth rather than through a person or equipment.\r\n\tSurge Protection: Grounding can redirect electrical surges and lightning strikes to the earth, protecting sensitive electronic devices and appliances from damage.\r\n\tStability: Proper grounding helps stabilize voltage levels and reduce interference or disruptions in electrical systems.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe grounding system typically consists of grounding rods or plates buried in the earth and grounding conductors connecting electrical panels, equipment, and metal components to the ground. Regular inspections and maintenance of the grounding system are essential to ensure its effectiveness and uphold electrical safety standards. A qualified electrician should handle any grounding-related installations or repairs to guarantee a safe and efficient electrical system.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_477363654.png","grid-alt":"Electrical System Grounding"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 30, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Satellite Roof Damage","url":"\/satellite-roof-damage","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_350479456.png","alt":"Satellite Roof Damage","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nSatellite roof damage as described by Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B., combined with poor caulking, can exacerbate roofing issues and compromise the integrity of the entire structure.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\tRoof Damage: Improper satellite dish installation or removal can lead to roof damage, such as punctures, cracks, or broken shingles. These openings create entry points for water, potentially causing leaks, rot, and mold growth.\r\n\tWater Infiltration: Inadequate caulking around roof penetrations, including satellite mounting brackets, can allow water to seep into the roof assembly, leading to water damage and compromising the roof's ability to protect the building.\r\n\tStructural Issues: Over time, water infiltration due to poor caulking and satellite damage can weaken the roof's structure, potentially leading to structural problems and costly repairs.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo mitigate these risks, it is crucial to have satellite dishes installed or removed by professionals who understand proper roof sealing techniques. Regular inspections and maintenance, including re-caulking as needed, will help safeguard the roof from damage, ensuring its longevity and protecting the overall property. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_350479456.png","grid-alt":"Satellite Roof Damage"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 30, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Water Heater Dates","url":"\/water-heater-dates","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_472897833.png","alt":"Water Heater Dates","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAs described by Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B., this discovery is an instance of date discrepancy. The water heater's actual installation date is 12\/2020, which means it was installed in December 2020. However, the manufacturing date is 9\/2021, indicating that the water heater was manufactured in September 2021.\r\n\r\nThis means that there is a discrepancy between the installation date and the manufacturing date. It is unusual for a water heater to be installed before it was manufactured. It's essential to verify the accuracy of these dates and ensure that the installation was done correctly and safely, regardless of the manufacturing date. Consulting the installer or a qualified professional can help clarify any inconsistencies and ensure the water heater is functioning as intended.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_472897833.png","grid-alt":"Water Heater Dates"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 30, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"New Construction Dishwasher Issue","url":"\/new-construction-dishwasher-issue","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_716670069.png","alt":"New Construction Dishwasher Issue","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring the final inspection of a new home, an issue with the dishwasher was discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B. The dishwasher appeared to have no power at all, indicating a potential electrical problem. However, an interesting observation was made when checking the garbage disposal - when it was turned on, the dishwasher unexpectedly turned on as well.\r\n\r\nThis unusual behavior suggests a wiring issue or electrical connection problem between the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. It is possible that the two appliances share a power source or are wired together, causing the dishwasher to activate when the garbage disposal is turned on.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThis finding is concerning and requires further investigation by a licensed electrician to ensure the electrical systems are correctly installed and operating safely. Identifying and addressing the root cause of this issue is essential to prevent electrical hazards and ensure the proper functioning of both appliances in the new home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_716670069.png","grid-alt":"New Construction Dishwasher Issue"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 30, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop (Bolst)","url":"\/lunspro-realtor-workshop-bolst","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_754136756.png","alt":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1071,\"height\":701,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nLunsPro's Realtor Workshop (starring our friends at Bolst) features agents learning about the details of a home inspection and how critical it could be for their clients. Our exclusive realtor-focused home inspection service is designed to provide you with the utmost confidence in your property transactions. With years of experience in the industry, our team of highly skilled inspectors is dedicated to ensuring that every property you represent is thoroughly examined, leaving no stone unturned.\r\n\r\nOur comprehensive inspections cover all essential aspects, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. We understand the time-sensitive nature of real estate deals, which is why we prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality. Within 24 hours of the inspection, you'll receive a detailed and easy-to-understand report, complete with high-resolution images, highlighting any potential issues that need addressing.\r\n\r\nWe believe in empowering realtors with accurate and reliable information, enabling you to make informed decisions and foster trust with your clients. Whether you're listing a property or representing a buyer, our inspections will equip you with the knowledge necessary to negotiate confidently. Rest assured, with our professional and prompt service, you'll gain the competitive edge in the dynamic real estate market.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_754136756.png","grid-alt":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 13, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop with EXP Realty","url":"\/lunspro-realtor-workshop-with-exp-realty","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_894040772.png","alt":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop EXP Realty, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections proudly presents a Realtor Workshop in collaboration with our esteemed partners at Pure One Realty Group, powered by EXP. This engaging event promises valuable insights into the intricate world of real estate, offering realtors an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. With expert speakers and industry leaders, the workshop dove into the latest trends, best practices, and innovative strategies that drive success in today's dynamic market. This workshop proved to be an informative and inspiring session that empowered realtors to excel and thrive in their endeavors. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_894040772.png","grid-alt":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop EXP Realty, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 13, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Furnace Ventilation Issue","url":"\/furnace-ventilation-issue","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_386019000.png","alt":"Furnace Ventilation Issue","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nA furnace ventilation issue was discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. during a home inspection, where the venting system was connected to a flexible dryer vent. This situation raises significant concerns regarding safety and proper ventilation.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nUsing a flexible dryer vent for furnace exhaust is a hazardous practice as it is not designed to handle the high-temperature exhaust gases produced by a furnace. This can lead to several potential problems, including:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\tSafety Risk: Flexible dryer vents are not heat-resistant, posing a fire hazard when exposed to the high temperatures generated by a furnace.\r\n\tInefficient Ventilation: The improper venting can lead to inefficient exhaust of combustion byproducts, potentially causing carbon monoxide buildup and affecting indoor air quality.\r\n\tSystem Malfunction: Improper venting can lead to reduced furnace efficiency and potential system malfunction, increasing energy consumption and utility costs.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo rectify this issue, it's crucial to engage a licensed HVAC professional to assess the situation and make the necessary corrections. This typically involves installing the appropriate type of venting designed for furnace exhaust to ensure safe and efficient ventilation, and to prevent any health and safety risks associated with improper venting.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_386019000.png","grid-alt":"Furnace Ventilation Issue"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 13, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"The LunsPro Family united this week to cheer on the Home Team!","url":"\/the-lunspro-family-united-this-week-to-cheer-on-the-home-team","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_817152436.png","alt":"The LunsPro Family united this week to cheer on the Home Team! Atlanta Braves Game, LunsPro Life","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nGo Braves! The LunsPro Family united this week to cheer on the home team. As the heart and soul of Atlanta, the Braves have captured the undying spirit of our city, uniting fans from all walks of life under one exhilarating banner. With each crack of the bat and every perfectly executed play, the LunsPro Fam and thousands of other fans are filled with unbridled excitement and pride. Through highs and lows, the unwavering support for our home team remains an unbreakable bond. The energy in the stadium is electrifying, as we cheer on our favorite players, knowing they play not just for themselves but for the entire community. From thrilling victories to hard-fought battles, we stand with the Braves through thick and thin, celebrating each triumph as if it were our own. Let's paint the town Braves blue and red, as we rally behind our team, forever loyal, and forever true! Atlanta took the win against the New York Mets 7-5. Go Braves!","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_817152436.png","grid-alt":"The LunsPro Family united this week to cheer on the Home Team! Atlanta Braves Game, LunsPro Life"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 09, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"LunsPro Life","url":"lunspro-life"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["lunspro-life"]}},{"pagetitle":"Pressure Washing","url":"\/pressure-washing","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_770936679.png","alt":"Pressure Washing","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Scott T. highlights the potential risks of pressure washing through a revealing video. The video showcases instances where pressure washing caused damage to wood decks and vinyl siding. While pressure washing can be effective in cleaning surfaces, excessive pressure or incorrect techniques can lead to unintended consequences. Wood decks can be stripped of their protective layers, leading to splintering and deterioration. Vinyl siding can be cracked, warped, or dislodged, compromising the structure's integrity and aesthetics. Scott T.'s video underscores the importance of using appropriate pressure and techniques to safeguard surfaces from unnecessary damage, ultimately preserving the value and appearance of properties.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_770936679.png","grid-alt":"Pressure Washing"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"June 02, 2023","year":"June, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["June, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"A lot of Bull","url":"\/a-lot-of-bull","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_439476166.png","alt":"A lot of Bull","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a home inspection conducted by Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T., it was evident that there were challenges and a bull to navigate. The phrase \"put up with a lot of bull\" as stated by Scott, represents encountering obstacles, inaccuracies, or perhaps even unexpected issues during a home inspection. Home inspectors often encounter situations where thoroughness and professionalism are needed to uncover hidden issues and ensure transparency for clients. Scott T.'s expertise and dedication exemplify the commitment to providing accurate and reliable information despite any challenges faced during the inspection process.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_439476166.png","grid-alt":"A lot of Bull"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 30, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Holy Cow! That\u2019s a great inspection","url":"\/holy-cow-thats-a-great-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_826844905.png","alt":"Holy Cow! That\u2019s a great inspection","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Scott T. exclaimed, \"Holy Cow! That's a great inspection!\" His enthusiasm reflects the comprehensive and thorough nature of every part of the LunsPro family from first contact to completed inspection. Covering North Georgia, our commitment to quality extends to everyone—humans and perhaps even cows! Our inspections are so comprehensive that even a curious cow could join. Scott T.'s lighthearted declaration showcases LunsPro's dedication to excellence and our willingness to provide EPIC service to all throughout the entire home inspection process.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_826844905.png","grid-alt":"Holy Cow! That\u2019s a great inspection"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 30, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Damaged Truss","url":"\/damaged-truss","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_869339053.png","alt":"Damaged Truss","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring the final inspection of a new construction home, Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B. identified a concerning issue with one of the trusses. A damaged truss was discovered, which could potentially compromise the structural integrity of the roof system. Trusses are crucial components that distribute the load of the roof evenly, ensuring stability and support for the entire structure.\r\n\r\nThe damage observed on the truss may have occurred during the construction process or could have been a pre-existing issue. Regardless of the cause, it is essential to address this matter promptly to prevent further deterioration and potential safety hazards.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWe highly recommend engaging a qualified structural engineer to assess the extent of the damage and provide expert guidance on the necessary repairs or replacements. It is crucial to ensure that the truss is restored to its original strength and integrity, adhering to the building code standards and regulations.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAs a responsible party involved in the construction process, we are committed to resolving this matter swiftly and ensuring that the home meets the highest safety standards. The satisfaction and safety of our valued homeowners remain our top priority, and we will work diligently to address and rectify this issue to ensure a secure and sound new home for you.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_869339053.png","grid-alt":"Damaged Truss"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 20, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Red Day with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown","url":"\/red-day-with-keller-williams-realty-atlanta-midtown","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_651245955.png","alt":"Red Day with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown, charitable organizations","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nEnthusiastically, we at LunsPro Home Inspections partnered with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown to commemorate Red Day, a meaningful day of giving back. Our dedication to the community was evident as we supported Open Hands Atlanta, a remarkable charitable organization, by contributing box meals. Embracing our motto of Live.Lead.Serve, we actively immersed ourselves in supporting this noble cause. This collective endeavor showcases our unwavering commitment to creating positive change for those in need. By participating in Red Day alongside Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown, we embody the values of service and generosity, reflecting the heart of community care and compassion that defines LunsPro Home Inspections.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_651245955.png","grid-alt":"Red Day with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown, charitable organizations"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 12, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Live.Lead.Serve.","url":"live.lead.serve"},{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["live.lead.serve","realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Red Day with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Perimeter","url":"\/red-day-with-keller-williams-realty-atlanta-perimeter","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_367617577.png","alt":"Red Day with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Perimeter, charitable organizations","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nWe are proud to share that LunsPro Home Inspections teamed up with Red Day and Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Perimeter to make a difference in our community by supporting Solidarity Kids Shopping for Mother's Day. This meaningful initiative aligns perfectly with our motto, Live.Lead.Serve., as it enables us to put our values into action. Solidarity Kids Shopping embodies the spirit of giving back, and we're excited to be a part of it. Contributing to this worthy cause allows us to not only provide for those in need but also to demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact. Through this collaboration, we're honored to live out our values and serve a cause that brings joy and support to families during a special time of the year.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_367617577.png","grid-alt":"Red Day with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Perimeter, charitable organizations"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 12, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Live.Lead.Serve.","url":"live.lead.serve"},{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["live.lead.serve","realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Stair Tread Deficiency","url":"\/stair-tread-deficiency","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_998977151.png","alt":"Stair Tread Deficiency","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Britt B. identifies a stair tread deficiency during a home inspection, drawing attention to a critical safety concern. He notes that the stair treads measure only 9 inches deep, which is below the standard depth. This deficiency prevents individuals from placing their entire foot on the stair tread, compromising stability and increasing the risk of tripping or stumbling. Inadequate tread depth hinders safe and comfortable traversal, particularly for those with larger feet or mobility challenges. Addressing this issue is vital to ensure the safety of occupants, as stairs that do not meet standard dimensions can lead to accidents. Britt B.'s observation underscores the significance of complying with proper stair dimensions to prevent potential hazards and promote secure mobility within the property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_998977151.png","grid-alt":"Stair Tread Deficiency"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 03, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Taped Duct Work Leakage","url":"\/taped-duct-work-leakage","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_787845788.png","alt":"Taped Duct Work Leakage","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring our comprehensive home inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B. discovered a concerning issue with the ductwork in the property. Significant taped ductwork leakage was identified, which can lead to a host of problems affecting indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and overall comfort. Leaky ducts allow conditioned air to escape, leading to uneven heating and cooling throughout the house, resulting in higher utility bills and decreased system performance.\r\n\r\nMoreover, the escaped air can pull unconditioned air from the outside or unconditioned spaces, introducing contaminants and allergens into the living areas. This poses potential health risks, especially for individuals with respiratory conditions. Additionally, the strain on the HVAC system can accelerate wear and tear, potentially leading to costly repairs or premature system failure.\r\n\r\nTo rectify this issue, we recommend immediate attention and professional repair or replacement of the affected ductwork. Addressing this concern promptly will not only improve the overall efficiency and comfort of the home but also ensure a healthier and safer living environment for the occupants.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_787845788.png","grid-alt":"Taped Duct Work Leakage"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 03, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Drone Inspections","url":"\/drone-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_593338536.png","alt":"Drone Inspections","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspectors Britt B. and Craig B. bring innovation to inspections through drone technology. With FAA Certified Drone Pilot Craig B. at the helm, they conduct a drone inspection that provides unparalleled views of roofs. By deploying drones, LunsPro efficiently assesses areas like vent pipes, ridge caps, and chimney caps—details often obscured from ground level. This technology enhances our inspector's ability to identify potential issues such as damage or deterioration, leading to comprehensive and accurate reports. As shown here, through their expertise, Britt B. and Craig B. leverage drone inspections to elevate the quality of assessments, providing clients with a deeper understanding of their property's condition and facilitating informed decision-making.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_593338536.png","grid-alt":"Drone Inspections"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 01, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Double Tapped Breaker","url":"\/double-tapped-breaker","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_809038294.png","alt":"Double Tapped Breaker","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Britt B. uncovers a significant electrical concern known as a double tapped breaker. This issue arises when two wires are connected to a single breaker meant for one. A double lugged breaker, where multiple wires are attached, poses safety risks like overheating and circuit failure. Square D, the exception, permits certain models for double lugging. However, this practice must follow specific guidelines to ensure safety. Inspector Britt B.'s expertise emphasizes the importance of identifying double tapped breakers and adhering to manufacturer guidelines, maintaining electrical system integrity and minimizing potential hazards.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_809038294.png","grid-alt":"Double Tapped Breaker"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"May 01, 2023","year":"May, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["May, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"The Promise Race","url":"\/the-promise-race","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_933428241.png","alt":"The Promise Race, Running for Foster Care, Charitable Organizations","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nThe Promise Race stands as a resolute step towards breaking the cycle of foster care, and for us at LunsPro Home Inspections, it's not just a race—it's a pledge to drive change. This initiative resonates profoundly with our guiding principle, Live.Lead.Serve., as it gives us the opportunity to turn our beliefs into action. This charitable endeavor embodies the essence of giving back, and we're thrilled to be an integral part of it.\r\n\r\nJoining hands with this cause isn't just about running; it's about shaping lives. It's about aligning our values with our actions. By participating in this meaningful endeavor, we contribute not only to those in need but also to a collective effort to make a difference. Through this partnership, we're honored to embody our values and lend our support to a cause that brings hope and assistance to families during challenging times.\r\n\r\nRunning towards a brighter future, one step at a time, we're proud to stand united with The Promise Race and to be agents of positive change in our community.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_933428241.png","grid-alt":"The Promise Race, Running for Foster Care, Charitable Organizations"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"April 19, 2023","year":"April, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Live.Lead.Serve.","url":"live.lead.serve"}],"filters":{"years":["April, 2023"],"categories":["live.lead.serve"]}},{"pagetitle":"2nd Floor Bathroom Leak","url":"\/2nd-floor-bathroom-leak","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_132074934.png","alt":"2nd Floor Bathroom Leak","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a recent assessment conducted by Ashi-Certified Inspector Craig B., a distressing discovery emerged—the second-floor bathroom was grappling with a significant leak that was wreaking havoc.\r\n\r\nThe scene was both concerning and bewildering: the ceiling fan, typically known for circulating air, had transformed into an unwitting water dispenser. The fan's blades spun, propelled by more than just air—water was pouring out, creating an alarming spectacle.\r\n\r\nThis scenario underscores the urgency of addressing plumbing and structural concerns promptly. Water intrusion can cause extensive damage to ceilings, walls, and the overall structural integrity of the property. Inspector Craig B.'s sharp observation exemplifies the commitment of LunsPro Home Inspections to providing homeowners with comprehensive insights, enabling them to address issues and prevent potential disasters. By addressing leaks swiftly, homeowners can ensure the longevity of their property and prevent costly repairs down the line.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_132074934.png","grid-alt":"2nd Floor Bathroom Leak"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"April 04, 2023","year":"April, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["April, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Attic Water Shutoff","url":"\/attic-water-shutoff","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_727582430.png","alt":"Attic Water Shutoff","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the world of property inspections, surprises can come in unexpected forms. Join Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. as he explores a home built in the early 2000s, unearthing an unconventional feature—an attic water shutoff valve.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nInspecting a property often unveils unique details, and this particular home showcases an intriguing choice in placement for the main water shutoff valve—in the attic. Such an arrangement, while uncommon, can raise questions about accessibility and practicality.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFurthermore, Inspector Britt B. also notes the presence of the water heater in the same attic space. This arrangement might raise concerns about potential challenges in maintenance and repairs, as well as the implications for potential water damage in the event of a leak or malfunction.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_727582430.png","grid-alt":"Attic Water Shutoff"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 17, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Passive Radon Venting","url":"\/passive-radon-venting","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_562822001.png","alt":"Passive Radon Venting","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDelving into new construction homes often reveals intriguing systems designed for a variety of purposes. Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. offers insights into passive radon venting, a noteworthy feature found during the pre-drywall inspection.\r\n\r\nThis distinctive pre-installed or passive radon gas net indicates a proactive approach to mitigate radon gas, a potential health concern. The inclusion of this system in the construction process carries two significant implications. One possibility is that the builder is addressing a history of radon gas issues within the development, taking measures to make future mitigation easier. However, the absence of an active fan characterizes it as a passive system, designed to allow natural airflow to disperse radon gas.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nInspector Britt B.'s observations underscore the importance of vigilance in addressing potential health hazards like radon gas. At LunsPro Home Inspections, we're dedicated to providing homeowners with comprehensive insights that empower them to make informed decisions about their investment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_562822001.png","grid-alt":"Passive Radon Venting"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 14, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"The LunsPro Experience with Brian H.","url":"\/the-lunspro-experience-with-brian-h","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_966926316.png","alt":"The LunsPro Experience with Brian H., Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nRealtor Brian H.'s dual role as both a buyer and seller's agent underscores the trust he places in LunsPro Home Inspections. With a partnership rooted in excellence, LunsPro serves as a steadfast home inspector partner that enhances the real estate journey.\r\n\r\nCentral to this collaboration is the commitment to transparency and thoroughness. The LunsPro team's expertise ensures that inspections are conducted meticulously, providing accurate insights without jeopardizing the deal's outcome. This approach avoids deal-breaker scenarios, fostering a smoother and more confident transaction for all parties involved.\r\n\r\nRealtor Brian H.'s endorsement of LunsPro echoes the sentiment that comprehensive inspections, when carried out by dedicated professionals, contribute to informed decisions without derailing the real estate process. This partnership exemplifies the synergy between real estate professionals and inspection experts, aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients. Join us in experiencing the LunsPro difference—a journey of assurance, transparency, and successful real estate ventures.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_966926316.png","grid-alt":"The LunsPro Experience with Brian H., Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 13, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Why choose LunsPro Carolina in under 1 minute!","url":"\/why-choose-lunspro-carolina-in-under-1-minute","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_208533986.jpg","alt":"Why choose LunsPro Carolina","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1280,\"height\":720,\"ratio-w\":1.78,\"ratio-h\":0.56}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nPartnering with Lunspro Home Inspections provides a wealth of benefits for both real estate professionals and their clients. As industry leaders, Lunspro delivers unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and dedication to ensuring a smooth and informed real estate transaction.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nOne of the key advantages is our team of highly skilled and certified inspectors who conduct comprehensive evaluations of properties. We leave no stone unturned, meticulously examining all essential aspects of a home, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. This thorough approach ensures that any potential issues or hidden defects are identified, allowing realtors and their clients to make well-informed decisions.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTime is of the essence in real estate, and Lunspro recognizes this. We prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality, providing prompt inspection reports within 24 hours of the assessment. These reports are not only detailed but also easy to understand, complete with high-resolution images for enhanced clarity. This quick turnaround time enables realtors to move forward with negotiations and transactions confidently.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nOur commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart. We understand the importance of clear communication and responsiveness. Realtors can rely on Lunspro to be readily available for questions and to provide guidance throughout the inspection process.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMoreover, Lunspro's reputation for accuracy and reliability establishes real estate professionals as trusted advisors in the eyes of their clients. By partnering with us, realtors demonstrate their commitment to excellence and their dedication to ensuring their clients' interests are safeguarded.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nUltimately, the partnership with Lunspro Home Inspections fosters stronger relationships between real estate professionals and their clients. Clients appreciate the transparency and the detailed insights provided by our inspections, solidifying trust and confidence in their realtors.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIn summary, partnering with Lunspro Home Inspections offers peace of mind, expedited services, and enhanced professionalism. Together, we ensure that realtors and their clients have all the information they need to make informed decisions and achieve successful real estate transactions. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_208533986.jpg","grid-alt":"Why choose LunsPro Carolina"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 10, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Realtor Workshop","url":"\/realtor-workshop","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_886427032.png","alt":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAs trusted partners in the real estate industry, we understand the critical role inspections play in ensuring seamless transactions and satisfied clients. During this workshop, our seasoned inspectors dove into the nuances of home inspections, providing valuable insights into what to look for and how to interpret inspection reports effectively. Realtors gain a comprehensive understanding of the inspection process, from foundation to roof, and learn to identify potential red flags that could impact your clients' decisions.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nOur workshop equips you with the tools to communicate confidently with both buyers and sellers, fostering trust and transparency throughout the transaction. Furthermore, we explore best practices for streamlining the inspection process, ensuring timely and efficient results. Together, the LunsPro Home Inspections team and our valued Realtor Partners, elevate the standard of real estate professionalism to better serve our clients.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_886427032.png","grid-alt":"LunsPro Realtor Workshop, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 10, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"How LunsPro Support Carolina Realtors","url":"\/how-lunspro-support-carolina-realtors","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_652398918.jpg","alt":"How LunsPro Supports Carolina Realtors, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1280,\"height\":720,\"ratio-w\":1.78,\"ratio-h\":0.56}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nDiscover why buyers, sellers and realtors have trusted LunsPro Home Inspections over the past three decades on more than 50,000 home inspections. We understand the real estate transaction process and that closing on time means happiness for all involved. If you are looking for a responsive and thorough, yet common sense approach to inspections, then look no further than our team of certified inspectors and award-winning customer service representatives at LunsPro Home Inspections. Our professional home inspections include complete structural and mechanical evaluation of a resale home including foundation, interior, exterior, roof, attic, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, water heater, and more. Watch how LunsPro can save you time, energy, and money.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_652398918.jpg","grid-alt":"How LunsPro Supports Carolina Realtors, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 10, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Missing Displaced Insulation","url":"\/missing-displaced-insulation","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_497928659.png","alt":"Missing Displaced Insulation","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a recent home inspection, Ashi-Certified Home Inspector, Britt B. discovered a concerning issue - missing displaced insulation within the property. Insulation plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient environment by regulating indoor temperatures and reducing energy consumption.\r\n\r\nThe absence of insulation or displaced insulation significantly compromises the property's thermal performance. Without proper insulation, the home may experience extreme temperature fluctuations, leading to discomfort and higher utility bills.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMoreover, displaced insulation can create air leaks and gaps, allowing conditioned air to escape and unconditioned air to infiltrate the living spaces. This not only affects the overall comfort but also negatively impacts indoor air quality by potentially introducing allergens and pollutants.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAs experienced professionals, we recommend addressing this insulation issue promptly. Engaging a qualified contractor to assess and rectify the insulation deficiencies is essential. Restoring proper insulation will not only improve the home's energy efficiency but also enhance overall comfort and indoor air quality for the occupants. Ensuring the property's insulation is in optimal condition is a vital step in maintaining a healthy, sustainable, and efficient living environment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_497928659.png","grid-alt":"Missing Displaced Insulation"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 09, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Finding the \u201cGhost\u201d","url":"\/finding-the-ghost","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_411024930.png","alt":"Finding the \u201cGhost\u201d","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring our comprehensive home inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector, Scott T. utilized an infrared camera and detected concerning areas of moisture within the property. Infrared technology allows us to visualize temperature variations, revealing potential issues that are not always visible to the naked eye.\r\n\r\nThe presence of moisture on the infrared camera indicates possible water intrusion or leaks within the building's structure. Moisture can lead to a range of problems, including mold growth, rot, and damage to building materials. If left unaddressed, these issues can compromise the structural integrity of the property and pose health risks to its occupants.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIdentifying and addressing the sources of moisture promptly is crucial to prevent further damage and mitigate potential risks. Our team recommends a thorough investigation by a qualified professional to determine the extent of the moisture intrusion and develop an appropriate remediation plan.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWith the insights provided by our infrared camera, we strive to equip our clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their potential investment. Addressing moisture-related concerns early on ensures a safer and healthier living environment for homeowners, protecting their investment and providing peace of mind.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_411024930.png","grid-alt":"Finding the \u201cGhost\u201d"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 08, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Caulk Siding Joints","url":"\/caulk-siding-joints","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_627988181.png","alt":"Caulk Siding Joints","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of new construction home inspections, every detail can hold the key to a property's enduring quality. During a recent assessment conducted by LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. turned his attention to the butt joints of fiber cement siding, uncovering an essential lesson in siding installation.\r\n\r\nThe siding in question boasted neatly applied caulk along several areas of the butt joints. While this might seem like a reasonable approach to sealing joints, it's worth noting that caulk is a maintenance item that requires periodic reapplication every few years. As a result, relying solely on caulk can lead to ongoing upkeep and potential vulnerabilities over time.\r\n\r\nInspector Britt B. highlighted an alternative method that promotes both longevity and durability. Rather than relying solely on caulk, a roofing felt measuring about 4 inches wide can be placed behind the butt joints. This approach provides added protection against moisture intrusion and minimizes the need for frequent maintenance.\r\n\r\nBritt B.'s observation underscores the importance of choosing sustainable installation practices. LunsPro Home Inspections remains dedicated to providing homeowners with comprehensive insights that empower informed decisions about their properties. By adopting techniques that enhance durability and reduce future maintenance, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind and a more enduring investment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_627988181.png","grid-alt":"Caulk Siding Joints"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 08, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Ceiling Fan Safety Hazard","url":"\/ceiling-fan-safety-hazard","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_699294087.png","alt":"Ceiling Fan Safety Hazard","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nHome inspections unearth not only the aesthetic features of a property but also critical safety considerations. Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. highlights a ceiling fan safety concern observed during an inspection.\r\n\r\nIn this instance, while testing the ceiling fan, Inspector Wes O. noticed a precarious issue—the fan was positioned at a height that aligned with his head, despite his height of 6 feet. This situation contradicts recommended safety standards, as ceiling fans should ideally be installed no lower than 7 feet from the floor. This ensures a safe distance and prevents potential accidents or injuries caused by inadvertently coming into contact with the fan blades.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_699294087.png","grid-alt":"Ceiling Fan Safety Hazard"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 07, 2023","year":"March, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Electrical Panel Safety","url":"\/electrical-panel-safety","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_843873656.png","alt":"Electrical Panel Safety","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nDuring a recent home inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. identified a crucial electrical panel safety concern. To ensure personal safety when assessing the electrical panel, Scott emphasized a key practice: touch it with the back of your hand, avoiding any form of grasping.\r\n\r\nThis safety measure is essential because touching the panel with the back of your hand minimizes the risk of your fingers involuntarily clenching if an electrical shock were to occur. In such an event, involuntary clenching could result in prolonged contact with the electrified surface, leading to serious injuries.\r\n\r\nBy adhering to this practice, inspectors and individuals can help mitigate potential electrical hazards and prioritize personal safety during inspections or any interaction with electrical panels. Scott T.'s expertise underscores the importance of safety protocols to ensure a secure environment when dealing with electrical systems.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_843873656.png","grid-alt":"Electrical Panel Safety"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 28, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Exposed Sewer Line","url":"\/exposed-sewer-line","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_435397259.png","alt":"Exposed Sewer Line","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the course of new construction home inspections, even seemingly minor oversights can have significant repercussions. Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B., during a recent assessment, encountered a notable defect that merits attention—the presence of an exposed sewer line.\r\n\r\nThe essence of proper construction lies in attention to detail, and this scenario highlights a crucial omission. The sewer line, instead of being appropriately buried beneath the ground, was exposed and vulnerable. This raises immediate concerns, particularly for safety and the long-term functionality of the system.\r\n\r\nInspector Britt B.'s keen observation underscores the importance of adhering to established construction standards. An exposed sewer line not only poses a tripping hazard for occupants but also leaves the infrastructure susceptible to damage from machinery and external factors. LunsPro Home Inspections remains committed to providing comprehensive insights that empower homeowners with the knowledge to address such concerns proactively. By ensuring proper installation and maintenance, homeowners can safeguard their investment, prevent accidents, and ensure the smooth operation of essential systems within their property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_435397259.png","grid-alt":"Exposed Sewer Line"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 24, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Identifying a Heat Pump","url":"\/identifying-a-heat-pump","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_747814654.png","alt":"Identifying a Heat Pump","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Britt B. sheds light on distinguishing an exterior heat pump. To determine if you have a heat pump, inspect the outside compressor unit. By peering down into the housing system, you can identify a crucial component: a brass, horizontal piece of pipe known as the reversing valve. This valve is instrumental in the heat pump's operation, facilitating the reversal of the refrigerant's flow for both cooling and heating functions. Recognizing the reversing valve confirms that the system is a heat pump, as this feature is unique to such systems. Inspector Britt B.'s insightful tip offers a straightforward way to ascertain the presence of a heat pump during your inspection, aiding in accurate assessments of HVAC systems.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_747814654.png","grid-alt":"Identifying a Heat Pump"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 24, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Varying Pipes","url":"\/varying-pipes","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_212889371.png","alt":"Varying Pipes","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring the home inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector, Wes O. discovered varying pipes, specifically polybutylene pipes, used in the plumbing system. Polybutylene pipes were once a popular choice for water supply lines due to their affordability and ease of installation. However, over time, they have gained a reputation for being prone to premature failure and leaks.\r\n\r\nPolybutylene pipes can deteriorate when exposed to certain chemicals and oxidants commonly found in water supplies, leading to potential leaks and bursts. Due to this inherent risk, many homeowners and insurance companies now consider them a liability.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIf polybutylene pipes are present in the plumbing system, it is essential to assess their condition thoroughly. We recommend seeking advice from a qualified plumber to determine the extent of the issue and to consider replacing these pipes with more reliable and modern materials, such as copper or PEX.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAs part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive inspection, we ensure that all aspects of the plumbing system are evaluated, including the presence of polybutylene pipes. Identifying and addressing these issues early on can prevent potential water damage and costly repairs in the future, promoting the safety and longevity of the home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_212889371.png","grid-alt":"Varying Pipes"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 17, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Bathroom Vent Pipe","url":"\/bathroom-vent-pipe","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_581215359.png","alt":"Bathroom Vent Pipe","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring our recent home inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector, Ryan T. encountered an unexpected issue in the bathroom vent system - water was found sloshing inside the vent duct. This indicates a potential ventilation problem, which can lead to various concerns if left unaddressed.\r\n\r\nWater in the bathroom vent can be caused by condensation or leaks, which may result from poor insulation, improper venting, or inadequate sealing. The presence of water in the vent duct can lead to mold growth, deterioration of the venting material, and decreased ventilation efficiency.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo rectify this issue, we recommend a thorough inspection by a qualified HVAC specialist or plumber. They can assess the ventilation system's integrity, identify the source of the water, and make the necessary repairs or adjustments.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAddressing the water issue promptly is crucial to prevent further damage and maintain a healthy indoor environment. Our priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of homeowners, and by identifying and resolving this bathroom vent concern, we aim to provide peace of mind and promote a well-maintained and functioning home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_581215359.png","grid-alt":"Bathroom Vent Pipe"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 17, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Luxury Homes","url":"\/luxury-homes","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_282850955.png","alt":"Luxury Homes","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Scott T. showcased a stunning luxury home during a lake house inspection. This picturesque property exemplified the epitome of opulence and comfort, reflecting the unique features and elegance that define a luxury dwelling.\r\n\r\nAt LunsPro Home Inspections, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We provide EPIC (Exceptional, Professional, Informative, and Comprehensive) service with every inspection. Our dedication to meticulous assessment ensures that whether it's a charming cottage or a lavish lakefront retreat, clients receive the highest standard of inspection. Scott T.'s expertise, coupled with our EPIC approach, guarantees that every detail of a luxury home is thoroughly evaluated, allowing clients to make informed decisions about their investment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_282850955.png","grid-alt":"Luxury Homes"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 17, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Heartsaver CPR\/AED Training","url":"\/heartsaver-cpr\/aed-training","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_232265132.png","alt":"Heartsaver CPR\/AED Training, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nHeartsaver CPR\/AED training is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies. Sponsored by LunsPro Home Inspections, participants learn the proper techniques for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on adults, children, and infants, as well as how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in life-threatening situations.\r\n\r\nThis training covers the recognition of signs of sudden cardiac arrest, activating emergency medical services, and providing vital chest compressions and rescue breaths to maintain blood circulation and oxygenation. Additionally, participants are taught how to operate AEDs safely, which can significantly increase the chances of survival for someone experiencing cardiac arrest.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nHeartsaver CPR\/AED training is ideal for lay rescuers, workplace responders, school staff, realtors, and individuals seeking to be prepared for emergencies in various settings. The course is taught by certified instructors and typically includes hands-on practice to build confidence and proficiency in life-saving techniques. Upon successful completion, participants will possess knowledge, empowering them to make a difference and potentially save lives during critical situations.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_232265132.png","grid-alt":"Heartsaver CPR\/AED Training, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 14, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"LunsPro's Realtor Dashboard","url":"\/lunspros-realtor-dashboard","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_705375042.png","alt":"LunsPro's Realtor Dashboard, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nThe Realtor Dashboard presented by Brandon Lunsford of LunsPro Home Inspections offers a user-friendly and efficient platform for realtors to manage their inspection needs. Accessible through a personalized email link, the dashboard can be saved as a favorite or bookmarked on mobile devices for quick and easy access, much like an app.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWithin the dashboard, all inspection reports are conveniently stored together, allowing realtors to review past reports effortlessly. Scheduling a new inspection is a breeze using the \"Search Availability\" feature, where realtors input a zip code and minimal information before placing an order.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nRealtors have the flexibility to update information within the dashboard, ensuring accuracy and timely communication with clients. With a focus on simplicity and convenience, the Realtor Dashboard by LunsPro Home Inspections streamlines the inspection process, empowering realtors to provide exceptional service and make well-informed decisions for their clients.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_705375042.png","grid-alt":"LunsPro's Realtor Dashboard, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 03, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"New Construction Discoveries","url":"\/new-construction-discoveries","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_748473806.png","alt":"New Construction Discoveries","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a home inspection of a new construction property, several discoveries may arise despite the property's relatively recent build. Common issues found include incomplete or substandard installations, code violations, and overlooked defects. These discoveries could range from minor cosmetic imperfections to more significant structural concerns.\r\n\r\nSome typical findings in new construction inspections include issues with electrical wiring, plumbing leaks, improper ventilation, insulation deficiencies, and roofing problems. Additionally, the quality of materials and workmanship might not always meet expected standards. Watch Ashi-Certified Inspector, Johnny W. walk you through recent findings at a new construction inspection completed recently.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe advantage of a new construction inspection is that it allows buyers to identify these issues early on, ensuring that the builder addresses them before closing or within the warranty period. Having a professional inspection provides peace of mind, as it ensures that the property meets safety standards and is constructed to last.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIt is crucial for prospective buyers of new construction homes to prioritize a thorough inspection to identify and address any underlying problems, safeguarding their investment and ensuring a smooth transition into their dream home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_748473806.png","grid-alt":"New Construction Discoveries"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 03, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"LunsPro Reviews","url":"\/lunspro-reviews","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_445858172.png","alt":"LunsPro Reviews, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections' reputation shines through the heartfelt words of satisfied clients, showcased in a compelling compilation video of 5-star reviews. From praising the professionalism and expertise of their Ashi-Certified Inspectors to highlighting their dedication to thoroughness and transparency, these reviews reflect a consistent theme of exceptional service. Clients' express gratitude for the comprehensive insights that LunsPro provides, enabling them to make informed decisions about their investments. The genuine enthusiasm and gratitude captured in these reviews exemplify LunsPro's commitment to delivering a top-notch inspection experience that goes beyond expectations. Whether it's new construction, existing properties, commercial properties, or specialty inspections, these reviews echo the sentiment that LunsPro Home Inspections is a trusted partner in the journey of homeownership.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_445858172.png","grid-alt":"LunsPro Reviews, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 01, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Downspout Drain","url":"\/downspout-drain","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_942546015.png","alt":"Downspout Drain","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, even seemingly minor issues can carry long-term consequences. Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. sheds light on the potential impact of a downspout drain that empties directly onto the roof.\r\n\r\nWhile it might appear harmless, the practice of allowing a downspout to drain onto the roof can lead to unintended consequences over time. This steady flow of water can gradually create a depression or indentation in the roof's surface. This depression can compromise the roof's integrity, potentially causing leaks and structural issues.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_942546015.png","grid-alt":"Downspout Drain"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 01, 2023","year":"February, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Counting Water Heating Errors","url":"\/counting-water-heating-errors","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_917648011.png","alt":"Counting Water Heating Errors","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring the water heater inspection, several concerning errors were discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B. Firstly, the water heater lacked a sediment tray, which is essential for trapping debris and preventing it from clogging the system. Additionally, a critical safety issue was found with the Temperature and Pressure Relief (TPR) valve, which was incorrectly made out of PVC instead of the required brass or steel material.\r\n\r\nFurthermore, the hood, designed to protect against exhaust fumes, was not securely attached to the pipe, potentially leading to harmful gas leaks. Additionally, the use of flexible lines on the water heater is discouraged as they are prone to leaks and can cause water damage. Lastly, there was no expansion tank installed, which is necessary to accommodate the increase in water volume when the water heats up, preventing pressure buildup and potential damage to the system.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAddressing these errors promptly is essential for the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the water heater. We recommend consulting a licensed plumber to rectify these issues and ensure the water heater operates correctly, complying with safety standards and building codes.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_917648011.png","grid-alt":"Counting Water Heating Errors"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 25, 2023","year":"January, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Things that make you go \u201chmmmm\u201d","url":"\/things-that-make-you-go-hmmmm","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_882628223.png","alt":"Things that make you go \u201chmmmm\u201d","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nThe world of home inspections often holds intriguing surprises that prompt deeper investigation. Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. shares a noteworthy encounter with an HVAC unit that raised a few eyebrows.\r\n\r\nUpon approaching the outside compressor unit, Inspector Britt B. noticed an unusual beige color and a Carrier nameplate adorning the front. This peculiarity sparked his curiosity, leading him to venture around to the backside of the data plate. However, what he found was a bit of a challenge—the data plate on the reverse side proved to be a hassle.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThis \"hmmmm\" moment highlights the unexpected twists that can arise during inspections, often triggering a quest for hidden insights. LunsPro Home Inspections is committed to providing homeowners with comprehensive evaluations that unearth the nuances of a property. Even the most seemingly inconspicuous details can evoke curiosity and lead to a more informed understanding of your home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_882628223.png","grid-alt":"Things that make you go \u201chmmmm\u201d"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 25, 2023","year":"January, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Water Heater Issues","url":"\/water-heater-issues","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_779152470.png","alt":"Water Heater Issues","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, every detail matters when it comes to ensuring the safety and functionality of a property. During a recent evaluation conducted by LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. demonstrated the significance of a keen eye, especially when assessing vital systems like the water heater.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nInspector Britt B. identified a critical issue with the water heater that demanded immediate attention. The vent pipe, responsible for expelling exhaust gases from the gas water heater, was found to be improperly positioned. This misalignment meant that the vent pipe was not securely connected to the exhaust port. This alarming flaw had a concerning consequence: it allowed carbon dioxide (CO2) to enter the garage space and potentially infiltrate the home whenever the garage door was open.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nCO2 is a colorless, odorless gas that can pose serious health risks when breathed in substantial amounts. Inspector Britt B.'s astute observation highlights the crucial role of proper ventilation systems in maintaining indoor air quality and the safety of the household occupants. Ensuring that the vent pipe is securely connected to the exhaust port not only prevents CO2 leakage but also upholds the integrity of the property's overall ventilation system.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections is committed to thorough assessments that unearth potential risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring that homeowners can make informed decisions to address such issues promptly. The vigilance demonstrated by Inspector Britt B. is a testament to the dedication that LunsPro brings to each inspection, promoting the safety and well-being of every property's inhabitant.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_779152470.png","grid-alt":"Water Heater Issues"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 24, 2023","year":"January, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"New Construction Flat Grading","url":"\/new-construction-flat-grading","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_217444813.png","alt":"New Construction Flat Grading","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of new construction inspections, attention to even the smallest details is paramount to ensure a property's long-term integrity. During a recent assessment carried out by LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Greg B. uncovered a noteworthy grading issue pertaining to the yard.\r\n\r\nIn this case, the yard showcased a flat gradient, a common feature in many properties. However, Inspector Greg B. noted a critical distinction: after recent rainfall, the center of the yard remained dry, whereas the portion adjacent to the foundation appeared to be wet. This finding raises concerns as the dampness near the foundation could potentially impact the property's structural stability over time.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nImproper yard grading can lead to water accumulation and inadequate drainage around the foundation. This excess moisture can seep into the soil and potentially affect the foundation's stability, causing issues such as settling, cracking, and even potential water intrusion.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nInspector Greg B.'s insightful observation underscores the pivotal role of proper yard grading in safeguarding the long-term health of a property. LunsPro Home Inspections' commitment to meticulous evaluations serves as a testament to their dedication to providing homeowners with thorough insights that contribute to informed decisions about their investment. Addressing yard grading concerns proactively can help prevent potential foundation-related issues down the line.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_217444813.png","grid-alt":"New Construction Flat Grading"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 24, 2023","year":"January, 2023","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2023"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Sewage Ejector Pump","url":"\/sewage-ejector-pump","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_330505301.png","alt":"Sewage Ejector Pump","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nWhen it comes to sewage ejector pump inspections, meticulous testing is essential to ensure proper functionality. In a recent evaluation led by Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O., a crucial aspect of the inspection process involved testing the plumbing attached to this system. The goal was to verify whether the pump effectively propelled water up to the pipe situated above.\r\n\r\nDuring this assessment, a critical concern surfaced—leaking water within the pipe. This unexpected issue indicates potential vulnerabilities within the system, compromising its ability to efficiently handle sewage disposal. Leaks can lead to water damage, reduced pump performance, and even sanitation concerns.\r\n\r\nInspector Wes O.'s vigilant testing and discovery highlight the importance of thorough inspections in safeguarding a property's plumbing systems. By addressing issues like leaks promptly, homeowners can prevent further damage and ensure the proper functioning of essential components. LunsPro Home Inspections remains committed to providing comprehensive insights that empower homeowners with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their property's maintenance and upkeep.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_330505301.png","grid-alt":"Sewage Ejector Pump"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 28, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Attic Stairs","url":"\/attic-stairs","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_832683247.png","alt":"Attic Stairs","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, every detail matters when it comes to ensuring the safety and functionality of a property. Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B., during a recent inspection, encountered a concerning issue involving the attic stairs. This discovery shed light on a potentially hazardous situation that required immediate attention.\r\n\r\nThe home in question had undergone recent renovations, and as Inspector Britt B. explored the attic stairs, he came across a sign that raised immediate red flags. The sign advised using a nail to secure the stairs through a hole in a metal bracket. Unfortunately, this approach is far from being the proper method for installing attic stairs.\r\n\r\nInspector Britt B. highlighted a critical concern: relying on a nail to support attic stairs lacks the structural integrity required for safe use. Attic stairs need secure and durable fasteners to ensure stability and safety. Nails simply don't possess the strength needed to uphold the weight and movement associated with attic stair usage.\r\n\r\nThis discovery serves as a reminder that shortcuts in installation can compromise safety. Inspector Britt B.'s keen observation underscores the importance of adhering to proper installation practices, particularly when it comes to components critical for safety within a property. By addressing this issue promptly, homeowners can ensure that their attic stairs are secure, and their overall home remains a safe environment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_832683247.png","grid-alt":"Attic Stairs"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 27, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Slab Condition","url":"\/slab-condition","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_237606749.png","alt":"Slab Condition","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nDuring an inspection with LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. assessed the basement of a home, focusing on the condition of the slab. Wes meticulously examined the slab for indications of cracks, displacement, and wide gaps. These observations are crucial as they can provide insights into the structural integrity of the foundation.\r\n\r\nCracks, displacement, and gaps in a slab could signify underlying issues such as foundation settlement, soil movement, or moisture-related problems. These factors can potentially compromise the stability of the entire structure. Wes O.'s expert assessment underscores the significance of evaluating the slab's condition to ensure the safety and longevity of the property. Clients can rely on LunsPro Home Inspections to provide thorough insights into the state of a home's foundation, aiding in informed decisions and proactive maintenance.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_237606749.png","grid-alt":"Slab Condition"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 16, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Amazing Exterior Door","url":"\/amazing-exterior-door","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_343870173.png","alt":"Amazing Exterior Door","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nThe beauty of craftsmanship often shines through in unexpected places as shown by Ashi-Certified Inspector Josh C. This living room highlights an extraordinary exterior door that embodies both elegance and functionality, boasting a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality. Designed with a wall of glass, this door not only welcomes an abundance of natural light but also offers an expansive view of the surroundings. Its ease of operation makes it effortlessly accessible, allowing homeowners to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, exemplifying the fusion of design and functionality.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_343870173.png","grid-alt":"Amazing Exterior Door"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 16, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Improper Pitch Plumbing Line","url":"\/improper-pitch-plumbing-line","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_167409852.png","alt":"Improper Pitch Plumbing Line","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDelving into the intricacies of inspections often reveals unexpected flaws that can impact daily functionality. Ashi-Certified Inspector Joe M. sheds light on an improper pitch plumbing line, a concerning find during an inspection beneath a bar sink.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIn this scenario, the plumbing line displayed a flawed slope—sloping towards the \"P\" trap instead of away from it. This contravention of proper installation leads to a counterintuitive situation where water, instead of flowing naturally with gravity, works against it. All water draining from the sink follows an uphill path, potentially causing slow drainage, blockages, and even leaks.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nInspector Joe M.'s discovery emphasizes the importance of meticulous plumbing installation to ensure proper functionality. LunsPro Home Inspections is dedicated to providing owners with insights that empower them to address potential issues proactively.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_167409852.png","grid-alt":"Improper Pitch Plumbing Line"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 09, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Poor Plumbing Practices","url":"\/poor-plumbing-practices","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_472063252.png","alt":"Poor Plumbing Practices","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring the inspection, poor plumbing practices were identified, presenting potential risks and inefficiencies. One concerning issue was the excessive use of silicone caulk on the check valve, which is not an appropriate method for sealing plumbing connections and may lead to leaks and improper functioning.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMoreover, the use of duct tape and wood to block pipes from hitting each other is not a suitable solution, as it lacks durability and can cause damage over time. Proper pipe hangers and supports should be employed to ensure stability and prevent potential issues.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAnother significant concern was the improper joining of ABS pipe to PVC pipe without proper gluing. This can result in leaks and separations, compromising the integrity of the plumbing system and causing water damage.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo rectify these poor plumbing practices, it is essential to engage a qualified plumber who can address these issues professionally and in compliance with building codes. Prioritizing correct plumbing techniques ensures the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the plumbing system, providing peace of mind for homeowners and preventing potential costly repairs in the future.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_472063252.png","grid-alt":"Poor Plumbing Practices"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 09, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Small Spaces","url":"\/small-spaces","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_215277195.png","alt":"a boy lying on the ground next to a sign","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a recent home inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. spotlighted a compact crawlspace. Crawling through this confined area, Scott T. meticulously examined its structural components, insulation, and ventilation. Small crawlspace areas often pose unique challenges due to limited access and space. However, Scott T.'s expertise ensured a thorough assessment, revealing potential issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. This diligent inspection highlights the importance of investigating even the tightest spaces to guarantee a comprehensive understanding of a property's condition. Scott T.'s commitment to detail underscores the dedication Ashi-Certified Inspectors bring to uncovering insights that contribute to informed property decisions.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_215277195.png","grid-alt":"a boy lying on the ground next to a sign"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 02, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Roof Structure Information","url":"\/roof-structure-information","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_599016612.png","alt":"Roof Structure Information","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a home inspection, Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. provides essential insights into roof structures within attics. He emphasizes the significance of identifying the type of roof structure present, particularly focusing on trusses with gusset plates. These plates play a pivotal role in supporting the roof system's stability and integrity.\r\n\r\nInspector Wes highlights the need to be vigilant for potential issues, such as missing gusset plates. When a gusset plate is absent, it can compromise the strength of the truss, potentially leading to structural concerns. Careful examination of the attic is essential to detect any discrepancies.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWes O.'s expertise underscores the importance of thorough attic assessments. By understanding the roof structure and identifying potential deficiencies, homeowners and buyers can make informed decisions about the property's overall condition and safety.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_599016612.png","grid-alt":"Roof Structure Information"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 02, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Access Panel to Tub Motor","url":"\/access-panel-to-tub-motor","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_430533672.png","alt":"Access Panel to Tub Motor","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nWhen thinking of a home inspection, even the seemingly minor details can carry significant implications. Ashi-Certified Inspector Brad G. sheds light on a missing access panel to a tub motor, a discovery that warrants attention.\r\n\r\nIn this case, a Jacuzzi tub's access panel to its motor is notably absent. While it might appear as a small oversight, the absence of this panel can hinder maintenance and repairs in the future. Access panels are essential for addressing issues within tub motors, enabling seamless servicing and upkeep.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_430533672.png","grid-alt":"Access Panel to Tub Motor"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 02, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Loose Toilet","url":"\/loose-toilet","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_931799942.png","alt":"Loose Toilet","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Brad G., conducting an inspection with LunsPro Home Inspections, identified a notable issue—a loose toilet. This finding indicates a potential problem in the bathroom. A loose toilet can lead to water leakage, instability, and even damage to the flooring and surrounding area. Brad G.'s expertise underscores the importance of meticulous assessments to ensure that all aspects of a property are functioning correctly and are safe for the occupants. By addressing issues like a loose toilet, LunsPro Home Inspections aims to provide clients with comprehensive insights that contribute to informed decisions about their property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_931799942.png","grid-alt":"Loose Toilet"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 02, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Barn Door Issue","url":"\/barn-door-issue","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_477089033.png","alt":"Barn Door Issue","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring an inspection conducted by Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. with LunsPro Home Inspections, a barn door issue was uncovered. While barn doors can be visually appealing, Wes highlighted a crucial concern: when the doors are opened, there's no mechanism to halt them at the end of their track.\r\n\r\nThis issue can lead to potential safety hazards and damage to both the door and the wall. The absence of a stop mechanism could result in the door crashing into objects or walls, potentially causing injuries or property damage. Inspector Wes O.'s astute observation underscores the importance of not only aesthetics but also functionality and safety in home features. Clients can rely on LunsPro Home Inspections to uncover such issues and provide valuable insights to ensure the overall safety and usability of a property's elements.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_477089033.png","grid-alt":"Barn Door Issue"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 02, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"HVAC Deficiency","url":"\/hvac-deficiency","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_925281576.png","alt":"HVAC Deficiency","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a LunsPro Home Inspections evaluation, Ashi-Certified Inspector Brad G. identified HVAC deficiencies. Specifically, he uncovered issues concerning the exhaust system of the HVAC unit and a gas-fired furnace. Notably, the gas-fired furnace displayed a potential safety risk involving two screw holes that could potentially allow carbon monoxide (CO2) gases to escape.\r\n\r\nProperly functioning exhaust systems are crucial for maintaining a safe indoor environment. Any compromised connection could lead to the release of harmful gases and pose a health hazard. The presence of unsafely sealed screw holes in the gas-fired furnace heightens the risk of CO2 leakage, a potentially life-threatening situation.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_925281576.png","grid-alt":"HVAC Deficiency"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"December 02, 2022","year":"December, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["December, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Garage Safety","url":"\/garage-safety","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_606145557.png","alt":"Garage Safety","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nGarage safety is paramount to protect both occupants and property. One crucial safety feature is the electronic eyes or photoelectric sensors, commonly found on garage door openers, as demonstrated by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B. These sensors are installed near the bottom of the garage door tracks and work together to detect obstacles, ensuring the door reverses if something obstructs its path.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMissing or malfunctioning electronic eyes can pose serious safety risks, as the garage door may close on objects, pets, or even people, causing injury or damage. Therefore, it's vital to regularly check and maintain these sensors to guarantee they are in proper working condition.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe electronic eyes should be placed facing each other and kept free from any obstructions or debris. Periodically test the garage door opener's safety features, including the auto-reverse mechanism, to ensure that it operates correctly. By prioritizing garage safety and addressing any issues promptly, homeowners can create a secure environment for everyone who uses the garage.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_606145557.png","grid-alt":"Garage Safety"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Fire Safety Hazard Awareness","url":"\/fire-safety-hazard-awareness","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_896631483.png","alt":"Fire Safety Hazard Awareness","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nFire safety hazard awareness is crucial for every homeowner, and one potential risk involves aluminum wiring on 20 amp breakers as discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Craig B. during an electrical panel inspection with an infrared camera.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAluminum wiring was commonly used in residential properties during the 1960s and 1970s. However, it is now known to pose fire safety risks due to its tendency to oxidize, leading to loose connections and overheating. When combined with 20 amp breakers, which may exceed the safe capacity of aluminum wiring, the risk of overheating and potential electrical fires increases significantly.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIdentifying aluminum wiring on 20 amp breakers through infrared camera inspections allows homeowners to take immediate action. Engaging a licensed electrician to address the issue is essential for safety. Options may include replacing the aluminum wiring with copper pigtails or using approved connectors specifically designed for aluminum wiring.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPromoting fire safety awareness and promptly addressing potential hazards like aluminum wiring are essential steps to safeguarding your home and ensuring the safety of your family and property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_896631483.png","grid-alt":"Fire Safety Hazard Awareness"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Water Heater Importance","url":"\/water-heater-importance","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_409856883.png","alt":"Water Heater Importance","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nThe water heater's condition is of utmost importance during a home inspection, and certain concerning issues were discovered at this home by LunsPro's Ashi-Certified Inspector, Erik J. Rust on the bottom of the water heater is a significant sign of corrosion and potential leakage, indicating the unit's deteriorating condition. Furthermore, rust at the point where the expansion tank meets the plumbing is alarming, as it can lead to water leaks and compromise the overall performance of the water heater system.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAnother critical aspect is the age of the water heater, which being twenty years old, suggests it may be approaching or has already surpassed its typical lifespan. Older units are more prone to failure, making it essential to consider replacing the water heater to avoid unexpected disruptions and potential water damage.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAdditionally, the expansion tank's placement too close to the ceiling can restrict its proper functioning, affecting water pressure regulation and potentially causing damage to the tank or ceiling. Addressing these issues promptly is crucial for the safety and efficiency of the water heater. We recommend consulting a licensed plumber for a comprehensive evaluation, to explore replacement options to ensure a reliable and functional water heating system.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_409856883.png","grid-alt":"Water Heater Importance"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"What to say \u201cNo\u201d to...","url":"\/what-to-say-no-to","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_524953148.png","alt":"What to say \u201cNo\u201d to...","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the journey of home ownership, knowing what to decline is just as crucial as what to embrace. Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. sheds light on a noteworthy instance where saying \"no\" holds significance.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIn a revealing video, Inspector Scott T. showcases a crack in a cement floor. This visual example serves as a reminder that not all features are worth accepting without scrutiny. A crack in a cement floor could potentially signify underlying structural issues or subpar construction practices.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_524953148.png","grid-alt":"What to say \u201cNo\u201d to..."},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"},{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro","inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"New Construction Mismatch","url":"\/new-construction-mismatch","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_341834843.png","alt":"New Construction Mismatch","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a recent assessment conducted by LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B. came across a significant concern involving the sizing of doors.\r\n\r\nIn this particular instance, the new construction property featured doors that were not appropriately sized, leading to an unexpected issue: the doors were unable to shut properly. This seemingly minor oversight could result in a series of inconveniences and potential security risks down the line.\r\n\r\nInspector Britt B.'s keen observation underscores the importance of precise and meticulous construction practices. Addressing door sizing concerns promptly is crucial for ensuring not only the convenience of occupants but also the overall security of the property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_341834843.png","grid-alt":"New Construction Mismatch"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Small things","url":"\/small-things","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_853340162.png","alt":"Small things","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nIn the realm of home inspections, it's often the small details that reveal the bigger picture. Join Ashi-Certified Inspector Ryan T. as he delves into a massive bathroom during an inspection, unearthing a potential moisture concern hidden within the walls.\r\n\r\nAmidst a complete remodel of a 1970s house, this bathroom's transformation was profound. Yet, within this transformation, a small detail emerged that warranted attention—a seemingly innocuous gap in the grout. In the world of home inspections, even the tiniest openings can indicate a pathway for moisture to seep behind walls, potentially causing hidden damage over time.\r\n\r\nInspector Ryan T.'s sharp observation serves as a reminder that thoroughness is key. From the largest renovations to the smallest details, comprehensive assessments can prevent future issues and ensure the longevity of your investment. At LunsPro Home Inspections, we're dedicated to unveiling these insights and empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your property. Join us as we uncover the significance of \"small things\" in the grand narrative of homeownership.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_853340162.png","grid-alt":"Small things"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"What is the issue with a 3-prong receptacle?","url":"\/what-is-the-issue-with-a-3-prong-receptacle","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_719311575.png","alt":"What is the issue with a 3-prong receptacle?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nAshi-Certified Inspector Brad G. identifies a concerning issue with a 3-prong receptacle. In this case, the receptacle is associated with a dryer. The problem involves a configuration where there's a bare wire, a neutral wire, and a hot wire. If the bare wire is loose or improperly connected, it poses a significant risk. It could lead to the dryer's metal casing becoming live with electricity, creating a shock hazard for anyone who comes into contact with it. The enclosure of the dryer could become electrified, resulting in a hazardous situation. This poses serious safety concerns for both the occupants and the property. Brad G.'s expert analysis underscores the importance of proper electrical connections to mitigate such hazards and ensure the safety of residents.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_719311575.png","grid-alt":"What is the issue with a 3-prong receptacle?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Secret Room Discovery","url":"\/secret-room-discovery","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_295509102.png","alt":"Secret Room Discovery","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring an inspection by Ashi-Certified Inspector Ryan T., an intriguing discovery was made—a secret room concealed behind a bookshelf within a bathroom. This unexpected find adds an element of mystery and uniqueness to the property. Secret rooms often offer hidden spaces for various purposes, from storage to private retreats. While captivating, it's important to assess the room's safety, structural integrity, and compliance with building codes. Such discoveries can bring charm and intrigue to a home, but a thorough evaluation by a qualified professional is advised to ensure both functionality and safety within this hidden space.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_295509102.png","grid-alt":"Secret Room Discovery"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"New Construction Finds","url":"\/new-construction-finds","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_491038309.png","alt":"New Construction Finds","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nExploring new construction properties brings to light both the promising and the unexpected. Join Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. as he delves into a pristine space that holds a few noteworthy findings.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAmid the beauty of the property, a keen eye reveals subtle yet significant details. In one corner of a window, a crack emerges, seemingly innocent but carrying the potential to compromise the seal's integrity. It's a reminder that even seemingly minor flaws can have broader implications.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMoving to the bathroom, another discovery emerges—the shower is not draining as it should. Such a finding serves as a reminder of the importance of functional plumbing systems and proper installation practices in new construction.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nInspector Scott T.'s insights highlight the meticulous nature of property inspections. At LunsPro Home Inspections, we're committed to providing homeowners with thorough evaluations that empower them with a comprehensive understanding of their investment. Uncovering the nuances of new construction, ensuring that every aspect of your property meets the highest standards of quality and functionality is what we do best.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_491038309.png","grid-alt":"New Construction Finds"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Tub Faucet","url":"\/tub-faucet","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_839491799.png","alt":"Tub Faucet","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring an inspection of a flip house, Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. identified an issue with the tub faucet in the hallway bathroom. Notably, the faucet was not properly secured to the wall and exhibited looseness. Additionally, a concerning observation was the absence of a stopper for the tub.\r\n\r\nA loose tub faucet poses the risk of water leakage and potential damage to the surrounding area. Moreover, the absence of a stopper can hinder the bathtub's functionality, impacting the ability to fill the tub for bathing. Both these findings highlight the importance of proper installation and maintenance to ensure the safety, usability, and overall integrity of bathroom fixtures.\r\n\r\nInspector Scott T.'s astute evaluation underscores the significance of thorough inspections in identifying potential issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring that properties are safe, functional, and ready for occupancy.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_839491799.png","grid-alt":"Tub Faucet"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"What do you look for while checking Siding?","url":"\/what-do-you-look-for-while-checking-siding","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_940977469.png","alt":"What do you look for while checking Siding?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nMasonite hardboard siding is a popular choice due to its affordability and versatility. However, it's essential to be aware of potential issues, such as moisture absorption, to ensure its longevity and performance.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMasonite siding can absorb moisture if not adequately maintained or sealed. Over time, this can lead to swelling, warping, and rot, compromising its structural integrity and appearance. Regular inspections are vital to check for signs of water damage, such as peeling paint or soft spots as demonstrated by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Brad G.\r\n\r\nTo enhance its life expectancy, proper sealing and maintenance are critical. Regularly inspect and seal any gaps, cracks, or exposed edges to prevent moisture from infiltrating the siding. Repainting or resealing the siding every few years can also help protect it from moisture and other environmental factors.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nOverall, Masonite hardboard siding can have a good life expectancy if properly installed, sealed, and maintained. Regular checks and proactive measures ensure the siding's health and aesthetics, promoting a durable and attractive exterior for your home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_940977469.png","grid-alt":"What do you look for while checking Siding?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Ungrounded Receptacle","url":"\/ungrounded-receptacle","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_969049642.png","alt":"Ungrounded Receptacle","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a recent inspection with LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Brad G. identified a concerning issue—an ungrounded receptacle. Brad highlighted a useful indicator: two lights on a tester reveal a grounded outlet; however, this home exhibited only one light. This discrepancy raises a potential shock hazard.\r\n\r\nAn ungrounded receptacle lacks proper grounding, compromising safety. The absence of a proper ground connection can lead to electric shocks and poses a risk to both occupants and electrical equipment. Inspector Brad G.'s expertise underscores the importance of accurate assessments in electrical systems, ensuring that homes adhere to safety standards. Clients can rely on LunsPro's inspections to identify and address such hazards, prioritizing the well-being of both occupants and their investment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_969049642.png","grid-alt":"Ungrounded Receptacle"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Air Handler","url":"\/air-handler","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_539874551.png","alt":"Air Handler","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring an inspection by LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Brad G. evaluated a condo's air handler dating back to 2004. While the unit presently functions optimally, Brad stressed that the typical equipment lifespan is approximately 15 years. Prioritizing regular maintenance is key to extending its operational longevity.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nDespite its current efficiency, recognizing its age enables homeowners to plan for eventual replacement. Consistent maintenance not only ensures peak performance but also uncovers potential issues early. Preparing for future replacement assists homeowners in financial planning, averting unexpected system malfunctions that could disrupt comfort. Brad G.'s insights highlight LunsPro Home Inspections' unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive evaluations that empower responsible home ownership and maintenance.\r\n\r\n","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_539874551.png","grid-alt":"Air Handler"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"New Construction Truss","url":"\/new-construction-truss","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_101005669.png","alt":"New Construction Truss","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a new construction inspection, a concerning issue was discovered in the attic by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Britt B.—a split truss. Trusses are vital components of the roof system that provide structural support and distribute the load evenly.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nA split truss occurs when one or more truss members are broken or damaged, compromising the truss's stability and load-bearing capacity. This structural deficiency can lead to roof sagging, uneven weight distribution, and potentially catastrophic failure if not addressed.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIdentifying a split truss early in the inspection process is crucial to ensure that proper remediation takes place before the property is occupied. A qualified structural engineer should be consulted to assess the extent of the damage and recommend appropriate repair measures.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nSafety is paramount, and addressing the split truss promptly is essential to prevent potential risks and ensure the integrity of the roof system. The builder should be notified immediately to rectify the issue before it escalates, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a structurally sound new construction property.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_101005669.png","grid-alt":"New Construction Truss"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Foundation Walls","url":"\/foundation-walls","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_645314542.png","alt":"Foundation Walls","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nHorizontal cracking in foundation walls is a concerning issue that requires immediate attention during a home inspection, as discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Wes O. Such cracks are a potential indicator of significant structural problems and should not be ignored.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nHorizontal cracks can occur due to various factors, including excessive soil pressure, poor drainage, foundation settlement, or expansive soil conditions. These cracks can compromise the integrity of the foundation, leading to water intrusion, basement flooding, and potential damage to the entire structure. In some cases, horizontal cracks may be a sign of bowing or inward movement of the foundation walls, posing a serious safety risk.\r\n\r\nIgnoring these cracks can result in further deterioration and costly repairs in the future, which is why it is imperative to select an experienced, proven home inspection company to ensure your future home will be a safe investment. Discover why buyers, sellers and realtors have trusted LunsPro Home Inspections over the past three decades on more than 50,000 home inspections. Ensuring the integrity of the foundation walls is vital for the long-term stability and safety of the home.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_645314542.png","grid-alt":"Foundation Walls"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 23, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Sink Inspection","url":"\/sink-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_265403972.png","alt":"Sink Inspection","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nA thorough sink inspection is essential to identify and address potential issues, especially with a leaking faucet and an unsealed countertop gap. A leaking faucet can lead to water wastage, increased utility bills, and, more importantly, water damage to surrounding areas, cabinetry, and flooring. If left unaddressed, the water can seep into the structure, causing rot, weakening the foundation, and creating an environment conducive to mold growth, posing health risks to occupants. Ashi-Certified Inspector, Matt D. provides a superior example of what to watch for while inspecting a sink.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAdditionally, the gap in the unsealed countertop can allow water to seep underneath, potentially causing damage to the supporting materials, and creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold growth can spread rapidly and affect indoor air quality, leading to respiratory issues and allergies.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nRegular sink inspections can catch these problems early, preventing costly repairs and mitigating potential health hazards. Properly sealing the countertop gap and fixing the leaking faucet are essential measures to safeguard the structural integrity of the sink area and maintain a healthy living environment for homeowners. It is crucial to engage a professional plumber or contractor to address these issues promptly and ensure the sink area remains functional and free from water-related damage and mold growth.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_265403972.png","grid-alt":"Sink Inspection"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 22, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Tiny Spaces","url":"\/tiny-spaces","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_322665871.png","alt":"Tiny Spaces","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nA thorough inspection of the crawl space is essential to identify and address any other potential issues, such as plumbing leaks, inadequate ventilation, or improper support as demonstrated by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Ryan T.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nEnsuring the crawl space is well-maintained and properly sealed contributes to a healthy and energy-efficient home. Consulting a qualified professional, such as LunsPro Home Inspections, can provide valuable insights and solutions to create a more comfortable and protected living environment.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_322665871.png","grid-alt":"Tiny Spaces"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"November 11, 2022","year":"November, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["November, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"Roof Flashing on a New Construction","url":"\/roof-flashing-on-a-new-construction","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_321064811.png","alt":"Roof Flashing on a New Construction","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nWhen it comes to safeguarding the long-term quality of a property, every detail plays a pivotal role. Ashi-Certified Inspector Brad G. sheds light on a critical roofing aspect—the roof edge flashing.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIn the context of a comprehensive inspection, Inspector Brad G. underscores the paramount importance of correctly installed roof edge flashing. This fundamental element should seamlessly meld with the roof's structure, lying flat and intact. The objective is to achieve not just functionality, but an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive appearance, where the drip edge aligns impeccably.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nBeyond aesthetics, this flashing serves as a protective barrier for the roof decking and fascia. Inspector Brad G.'s discerning observation emphasizes the vital role of impeccable craftsmanship in construction. At LunsPro Home Inspections, we are committed to empowering homeowners with comprehensive insights, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about their investment. Exploring the intricate landscape of property inspections is what we do, where meticulous attention to details, such as roof flashing, contributes to upholding a home's overall quality and value.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_321064811.png","grid-alt":"Roof Flashing on a New Construction"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 26, 2022","year":"October, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Inspector Finds","url":"inspector-finds"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2022"],"categories":["inspector-finds"]}},{"pagetitle":"What do you need to know about Radon Inspections?","url":"\/what-do-you-need-to-know-about-radon-inspections","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_613734597.png","alt":"What do you need to know about Radon Inspections?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nA radon test is crucial to assess indoor air quality and potential health risks associated with radon gas exposure as explained by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Joe M. Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless radioactive gas that can seep into homes from the ground, posing a significant risk of lung cancer when inhaled over time.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo conduct a radon test, the test is placed in the lowest occupied level of the home, such as the basement or ground floor. If elevated radon levels are detected, it is essential to address the issue promptly. A qualified radon mitigation professional can install a mitigation system to reduce radon levels effectively.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFollowing EPA or local health department guidelines for testing and addressing radon concerns is crucial. Regular radon testing is vital for every home, especially for an intending purchaser. If elevated levels are found, taking prompt action can significantly reduce the health risks associated with radon exposure.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_613734597.png","grid-alt":"What do you need to know about Radon Inspections?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 22, 2022","year":"October, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2022"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"How to submit your Re-Inspection Request","url":"\/how-to-submit-your-re-inspection-request","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_310305200.png","alt":"How to submit your Re-Inspection Request","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nA quick video to demonstrate how to submit your Re-Inspection Request to our Customer Service Team.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_310305200.png","grid-alt":"How to submit your Re-Inspection Request"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"October 12, 2022","year":"October, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["October, 2022"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"What are the 3 S's?","url":"\/what-are-the-3-ss","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_792384593.png","alt":"What are the 3 S's?","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nDuring a home inspection, the three S's stand for Systems, Structure, and Safety as stated by Ashi-Certified Inspector, Erik J. These elements are the primary focus of the inspection process to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the property's condition.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nSystems: The inspector assesses the various mechanical systems, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, and appliances. They check for functionality, proper installation, and potential issues that may affect the home's efficiency and comfort.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nStructure: The inspection involves a thorough examination of the home's structural components, including the foundation, walls, ceilings, and roof. The inspector looks for signs of damage, settlement, or deterioration that could impact the property's stability and safety.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nSafety: The safety aspect of the inspection is crucial to identify potential hazards and risks within the property. This includes electrical issues, fire hazards, safety features like smoke detectors, and the overall general safety of the property for its occupants.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nBy focusing on Systems, Structure, and Safety, a home inspection provides valuable insights to homebuyers, enabling them to make informed decisions and understand the condition of the property they are considering purchasing.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_792384593.png","grid-alt":"What are the 3 S's?"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 20, 2022","year":"January, 2022","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2022"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"2021 Give Back Supports OPERATION GRATITUDE","url":"\/2021-give-back-supports-operation-gratitude","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_380243093.png","alt":"Operation Gratitude, Serving the active military soldiers, charitable organizations","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections proudly supports Operation Gratitude, a meaningful initiative to give back and express gratitude to our dedicated service members and first responders. As part of our commitment to the community, a portion of every inspection fee is donated to this worthy cause. Join us in showing appreciation and supporting those who selflessly serve and protect our nation. Together, we can make a difference and honor these heroes for their invaluable contributions. ","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_380243093.png","grid-alt":"Operation Gratitude, Serving the active military soldiers, charitable organizations"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"September 01, 2021","year":"September, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Live.Lead.Serve.","url":"live.lead.serve"}],"filters":{"years":["September, 2021"],"categories":["live.lead.serve"]}},{"pagetitle":"How to use the Realtor Dashboard","url":"\/how-to-use-the-realtor-dashboard","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_833638411.png","alt":"How to use the Realtor Dashboard, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nThe dashboard provides a streamlined interface for managing inspections, making scheduling and accessing reports quick and convenient for realtors. Watch to view how simple it is use to utilize this dashboard! Trust LunsPro to provide you with a thorough and innovative inspection experience, ensuring peace of mind throughout the entire process.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_833638411.png","grid-alt":"How to use the Realtor Dashboard, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 17, 2021","year":"March, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2021"],"categories":["realtor-support","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Free Drone Usage with every inspection!","url":"\/free-drone-usage-with-every-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_136933560.png","alt":"Free Drone Usage with every inspection!, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspection offers complimentary drone usage with every inspection. Our FAA-certified inspectors employ drones to meticulously inspect roofs for potential defects. This cutting-edge technology enables us to capture high-resolution images and identify issues that may not be visible from the ground. Trust LunsPro to provide you with a thorough and innovative inspection experience, ensuring peace of mind throughout the entire process.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_136933560.png","grid-alt":"Free Drone Usage with every inspection!, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 16, 2021","year":"March, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2021"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"What.We.Do.","url":"\/what.we.do","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_404247554.png","alt":"What.We.Do., Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections: Carolina's premier forward-thinking technology home inspection company. With state-of-the-art tools like infrared cameras and advanced software, we deliver comprehensive and efficient inspections. Our skilled team provides accurate reports, empowering clients to make confident decisions about their properties. Trust LunsPro for innovative solutions and unmatched service in the Carolina area.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_404247554.png","grid-alt":"What.We.Do., Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"March 10, 2021","year":"March, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["March, 2021"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}},{"pagetitle":"Important Homeowner Tips","url":"\/important-homeowner-tips","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_273664091.png","alt":"Important Homeowner Tips","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections provides essential homeowner tips to ensure the safety and proper maintenance of your property:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\tMain Panel: Familiarize yourself with the location of the main electrical panel. Label circuit breakers to easily identify and control power to specific areas in case of emergencies or repairs.\r\n\tWater Shutoff: Locate the main water shutoff valve. Knowing how to turn off the water supply quickly can prevent extensive water damage during leaks or emergencies.\r\n\tGas Shutoff: Identify the gas shutoff valve for your home. In case of gas leaks or emergencies, turning off the gas supply promptly is crucial for safety.\r\n\tAttic Info: Regularly inspect your attic for signs of leaks, mold, or pests. Ensure proper insulation and ventilation to maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient home.\r\n\tAir Filters: Regularly replace air filters in your HVAC system to maintain clean indoor air and improve system efficiency.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFollowing these homeowner tips will help you stay proactive in maintaining your property, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment for you and your family.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_273664091.png","grid-alt":"Important Homeowner Tips"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 08, 2021","year":"February, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2021"],"categories":["learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"LunsPro Repair Request Builder","url":"\/lunspro-repair-request-builder","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_998009990.png","alt":"LunsPro Repair Request Builder, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nWith Spectora home inspection report writing software, building a repair request is quick and straightforward, taking just seconds. After conducting the home inspection, follow these simple steps:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\tOpen the Spectora software and access the inspection report for the property in question.\r\n\tReview the report to identify the items that require repair or further attention.\r\n\tIn the software, click on the \"Create Repair Request\" option, which allows you to compile a list of requested repairs based on the inspection findings.\r\n\tSelect the specific items from the report that you want to include in the repair request.\r\n\tCustomize the repair request to add any additional notes or details, if necessary.\r\n\tSave and generate the repair request document, which can be shared directly with the client, or the appropriate parties involved in the real estate transaction.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWith Spectora's user-friendly interface and efficient features, creating a repair request becomes a seamless process, saving you valuable time and ensuring clear communication with your clients and stakeholders.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_998009990.png","grid-alt":"LunsPro Repair Request Builder, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 01, 2021","year":"February, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2021"],"categories":["realtor-support","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Inspection Report Features","url":"\/inspection-report-features","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_851287132.png","alt":"Inspection Report Features, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":"\r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections utilizes Spectora report writing software to offer comprehensive and user-friendly home inspection reports. Here are some key features of our reports: \r\n\r\n\r\n\tDetailed Findings: Our reports provide a thorough examination of the property, highlighting all relevant findings, including structural components, mechanical systems, and safety concerns.\r\n\tHigh-Resolution Media: The reports include high-quality images and videos to visually illustrate inspection findings, enhancing clarity and understanding for clients.\r\n\tInteractive Format: Spectora's interactive design allows clients to easily navigate through the report, making it simple to review specific sections and access important information.\r\n\tSummary and Action Items: A concise summary section consolidates critical findings, helping clients prioritize necessary repairs and understand the overall condition of the property.\r\n\tRepair Request Builder: Using the software, we create a repair request list directly from the inspection report, streamlining communication between realtors, clients, and sellers.\r\n\tMobile Accessibility: Spectora reports are mobile-friendly, allowing clients to access and review reports conveniently on their smartphones or tablets.\r\n\tPDF and HTML Formats: Reports are available in both PDF and HTML formats, making it easy to share and view on different devices.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nLunsPro Home Inspections' utilization of Spectora report writing ensures that our inspection reports are professional, informative, and accessible, empowering our clients to make confident and informed decisions about their properties.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_851287132.png","grid-alt":"Inspection Report Features, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"February 01, 2021","year":"February, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"},{"title":"Learn with LunsPro","url":"learn-with-lunspro"}],"filters":{"years":["February, 2021"],"categories":["realtor-support","learn-with-lunspro"]}},{"pagetitle":"Need a pool inspection?","url":"\/need-a-pool-inspection","pagedata":{"preview-image":{"imagefile":"lunsprocharlottecom_627281524.png","alt":"Pool Inspections, Realtor Support","focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":"{\"width\":1008,\"height\":660,\"ratio-w\":1.53,\"ratio-h\":0.65}"},"hero-image":{"imagefile":null,"focal-x":null,"focal-y":null,"focal":null,"size":null},"content":" \r\n\r\nLunsPro has you covered! Pool and spa inspections are of paramount importance for several reasons:\r\n\r\n\r\n\tSafety: Pools and spas can pose safety risks, especially for children and inexperienced swimmers. An inspection ensures that safety features like barriers, fencing, and safety covers are in place to prevent accidents.\r\n\tStructural Integrity: Inspecting the pool and spa's structure helps identify any cracks, leaks, or signs of deterioration. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent further damage and costly repairs.\r\n\tEquipment Functionality: The inspection assesses the functionality of pool equipment, such as pumps, filters, and heaters. Ensuring they operate efficiently can save on energy costs and maintain water quality.\r\n\tCompliance: Pool and spa inspections help homeowners comply with local regulations and safety standards, avoiding potential fines or legal issues.\r\n\tProper Maintenance: Inspectors provide valuable maintenance tips to keep the pool and spa in optimal condition, prolonging their lifespan and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nBy conducting a thorough pool and spa inspection, homeowners can prioritize safety, maintain property value, and enjoy their aquatic features with peace of mind.","grid-image":"https:\/\/transform.octanecdn.com\/crop\/420x275\/https:\/\/octanecdn.com\/lunsprocharlottecom\/lunsprocharlottecom_627281524.png","grid-alt":"Pool Inspections, Realtor Support"},"published":"yes","publishdate":"January 18, 2021","year":"January, 2021","categories":[{"title":"Realtor Support","url":"realtor-support"}],"filters":{"years":["January, 2021"],"categories":["realtor-support"]}}]}